Month: June 2011

iYogi Scam Alerts: How to avoid online video scam?

iYogi revealed a scam alerts review on online videos. Video scam banks upon the Internet users who can easily be trapped by clicking supposedly an unknown video link, finding it to be of interest. These types of links are just like a malware, which spreads in a random fashion once clicked. The malicious web links might install fake antivirus software that is capable of tracing the users’ personal data. iYogi scam alert series explains some key points in order to prevent online video scam. And the victims of online video scam must remove the offending app(s) from the social networking account, and remove the related status message from the newsfeed in order to prevent others from falling prey to it. Read...

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iYogi Scam Alerts – Shoppers!!! Things to do to evade Mystery Shoppers Scam

Mystery Shoppers Scam targets shopaholics with mails, ads and messages regarding mystery shopping jobs, and promise them hefty payment for their service. Scammers send fake cheque and ask shoppers to return the extra money. The victim loses money and time working it’s hard to trace scammers, as they use fake names and IDs. iYogi has taken initiatives to warn users about Mystery Shoppers Scam and released the latest iYogi alerts. These alerts contain information as to how Mystery Shoppers Scam works and even ways to avoid them. Read...

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