Month: October 2011

How to Customize Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

It is a know fact how useful the shortcut can be especial when you are trying to browser through different application or the websites. But to be honest a coin always has another side and same is with the computer shortcuts. They at time are so difficult to remember you end up using your mouse. But should their not be a way around and I was determined for the same. Especially some one like me who has keeps browsing, different website on Firefox. So I found something helpful that may be useful for all the readers. Firefox has an add-on called Customizable Shortcut version 0.5.8. from Tim Taubert. It does not requires you to restart the Firefox so once it is installed you are ready to add your own shortcuts to Firefox so that you can run the browser faster than before and without the mouse. You can follow the following steps to create your own shortcuts. First step is to click on the tools and then go to the option. In order to open it with the shortcut you can use Alt+T and then “o”. This will bring the options menu and then please click on the one that says Shortcuts on the far right hand side. Once you click on it then you can modify any one the mentioned shortcut. Not only will it help you customize...

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5 Essential Windows 7 Tips

It has been one of the most popular operating System that will has brought Microsoft back in to the market of faster computer. Windows 7 after the failure of Windows Vista as emerged as a true leader in the Operating System. Though it is always advisable, to know your operating system so that you can computer better with your computer. Today we will share some handy tips that will help you to understand your computer better. Below are some of the tips. Step 1: First step that comes in to my brain is safety of the computer. Yes Windows 7 has some feature like BitLocker that actually helps you to protect your drive from unauthorized access. It helps you to set password on the drive and then you can save all your important files in the drive. That means even some one is able to access the computer with user password he may not be able to access the drive which is protected. Step 2: Please check the junk files on the computer with the help of the inbuilt utilities like disk clean up and defragmentation you can upgrade the speed of the computer as these junk files store lot of memory on the hard disk if not cleaned from time to time. So I would recommend you to clean the temporary folders from time to time to make...

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