Month: December 2015

Facebook to suggest where you can party tonight!

If you are an iOS user and love exploring Facebook, here’s something interesting for you! The social networking platform is now all set to amaze you with its event browsing feature that will keep you informed about the latest events in your vicinity, basis your interests. Sounds impossible? Well, it is possible now. Facebook’s latest event browsing feature comes set with a ‘Suggested for You’ section. This section is constantly updated with the latest events of your choice and you could browse through this section to look for information that you need about the particular event. Music, Nightlife, Sports, Fine Arts and Crafts… the list is endless. So, depending on the interests you have listed in your account, Facebook will recommend you the events that you could go to along with all the information regarding the event that you may seek. You can filter your searches basis the date, time, and location of your choice. This feature isn’t anything like your regular community pages – it’s much more than that as it will streamline all the data you need to visit an event in a specific manner and depending on the inputs you’ll provide (date, genre preference, time, etc.), it will suggest to you particular events that will best match the bill. Also, the feature is set with a timetable of events that you can use to organize your...

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Green Monday 2015 best offers are out!

Shoppers don’t need a reason to shop, do they? However, if the occasion is that of Green Monday, even the remotely interested shopper would rarely find reasons to refrain from going ahead. To woo the potential customers, Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon are already up with their little surprises! Here’s all about Green Monday that you ought to know… Every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is ideal for shopping. Call it by whatever name you wish to – Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Green Monday, the fact remains that you can shop till you drop and pick up things for yourself or your loved ones around this time. Online shopping is all about great discounts, superb deals and the convenience of shopping right from your living room or office cubicle. So, if you missed the best sales on Thanksgiving or Cyber Monday, here’s your chance to grab the best offers on Green Monday which is 14 December 2015. While you can always browse the web for the best Green Monday deals, here’s some to get you started: At Best Buy, you could easily enjoy $100 off on all Apple Watch, iPhone 6 and 6S models Grab $50 off on Fire HD10 tablet or $20 off on Kindle Paperwhite at Amazon Looking for some best Walmart deals? Try cracking a Sony LED or Apple iPad Mini2 this season Well,...

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VTech Security Breach Exposes Data of over 5 Million Accounts

The server of the world renowned maker of electronic learning devices for kids, VTech, was recently breached. This comes after the massive data breach instances that took place in the government offices and health insurance companies over the past few months. As per VTech, the data breach took place in the Learning Lodge portal, the company’s app store database. This is where users can download apps, games and eBooks from. The data breach was discovered after a Canadian journalist sent a mail to the authorities asking about the incident. As per the initial statement released by the Hong Kong-based firm, around 5 million accounts have been affected by the hack that has exposed sensitive information such as first names of the users (including adults and kids), gender and even birthdays. What is even more worrying is that the hackers were also able to obtain photos and chat-logs of the users. The Internet is being excessively used to direct attacks against unwary users, more on the children as compared to adults. From cyber bullying to spying on kids and involving them in crimes, the web is fast becoming a den of unscrupulous activities. And since this time the threat is particularly on kids, it is indeed a challenging time for the parents. While the stolen data hasn’t yet been (mis)used or so it appears, this doesn’t actually reduce the fears....

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