iYogi Fraud Protection: iYogi Alerts to Beware of the Dangers of Online Auction Fraud

iYogi Alerts about the large scale Internet Auction Fraud that has caused huge losses to online shoppers. Internet auction fraud entails 64% of all Internet frauds that are reported. Online auctions have been converted into a lucrative business. Internet auction fraud involves non-delivery, misrepresentation, fee stacking, multiple bidding, etc. You need to keep in mind many things before bidding for online auction. It is better to find out and understand about how the auction works, what your obligations are as a buyer, and what the seller’s obligations are before you bid. Do read the disclaimer of such websites and be more cautious if it is a new seller. Read more…


  1. Lisa Bonnet, Ling Beach, California

    Internet Auction Fraud: Fake Watches

    So many sellers on internet auction sites try to pawn off fake watches to unsuspecting consumers. The sale of fake watches is truly a rapid occurrence in the world of internet auction fraud. Unfortunately, all too often, consumers will pay thousands of dollars to purchase a certain watch, only to discover it is a fake watch in the end. This is one of the most horrific types of internet auction fraud a person can experience, since he or she will likely spend thousands of dollars to pay for such a watch.

    Buying a fake watch is one of the most common occurrences that happen on the internet. One time, I was even duped into buying a fake watch by a famous designer. I totally thought the watch I was buying was legitimate, until I received the watch in the mail. It was such a frustrating experience to receive the watch and see the name of the misspelled designer on the watch. I knew right then and there that a form of fraud has occurred, and that I had been a victim of it.

    Overall, I think that people truly need to stay away from online auction sites. It is all too easy for a person to be the victim of an internet auction crime. I just think consumers need to be savvy and protect themselves, rather than get trapped in a sort of fraud that can be disheartening to experience. Overall, I recommend people simply buy things at the store instead.

  2. Dave Richard, Alaska

    My name is Dave and I am a huge fan of snowboarding. I have loved it ever since I was young. However, internet auction fraud has made it impossible for me to go out this year. I could not be more disappointed. Thanks to the internet auction fraud that I experienced, I will not have the gear that I need to get out on the slopes. I also will not have nearly enough money to buy more equipment and ski passes.

    The internet auction fraud was the simplest in design that I have ever seen. I went on and found the new snowboard that I wanted to buy. It cost a lot of money — even though it was a pretty good deal in the auction. These things are just expensive. I bought the board and then was going to pay with the secure online payment service, but the seller contacted me through email. He said that his online payment account was about to be closed. He asked if I could just send him a check instead.

    I do not know why I did it, but I did. I was so excited to get the board, I guess. I mailed out the check and then I sat back and waited for the board to come. The check was cashed and the money went out of my account. I kept waiting. The board, of course, never showed up. I went online and seller’s account had been shut down and canceled out.

  3. John Brown, Ohio

    Online Auction fraud! beware

    Last month I bought some stuff online via an auction site. The auction process was simple and I had even bought expensive items. I was asked to pay immediately after the auction for avoiding the delay in shipment. Luckily, I had told this to a friend of mine and he informed me that such auctions were fake and even I made the payment none of the goods would arrive. I thank my lucky stars I did not lose my money!!

  4. Roman Perry, Oceanside

    Hey Lisa, sorry to hear about your watch but I do not understand why you people think you can get expensive watches for throwaway prices on the Internet. I mean, just think about it, those kinds of products are made by reputed manufacturers and it would not make sense to sell them cheaply. These online fraudsters just post some pictures and fool gullible users!

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