iYogi Fraud Protection: Be on your guard against Internet Ticket Fraud

Purchasing tickets online is very convenient for people. Some fake websites deceive people who prefer to buy online tickets. These people are either issued fake tickets or they do not receive any tickets at all. Those who fall prey to such scams include movie and music buffs who lose both their hard-earned money as well as the opportunity of watching their favorite shows. People who give out personal information like credit card details land up in greater trouble. iYogi, in its latest alert on Internet Ticket Fraud, has mentioned different ways that could protect you from the fraudulent activities happening on the Internet. Read More…


  1. I didn’t fall for it..

    I recently visited a website to buy tickets for a football match that was to take place the next month. As I was scouting for information, I felt there was something fishy! The rates at which the tickets were being offered were really attractive but were hard to digest.. I did a l’ll investigation on my part & my fears were confirmed, it was a fake website scamming innocent people, I have informed the authorities about it.

  2. Harry white, Tennessee

    Even the Olympics???

    I just don’t get it!! I read an article the other day which said two fake websites cheated people for over millions by selling them forged tickets, how come the authorities never checked for such websites when online ticketing fraud is a common fraud now!! It’s high time authorities used stringent measures to ensure innocent people aren’t scammed online.

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