iYogi Fraud Protection: On Harmful Effects of Online Automotive Fraud

iYogi has started releasing the alerts on online frauds and scams which would help the online users from falling prey of hackers and scammers. One of the latest alerts released is on online automotive fraud. In this fraud, the fraudster poses either as a seller or as a buyer, and sometimes even launches a website with unbelievable deals to offer. If you receive any e-mail related to a new website offering unbelievable deals related to vehicles, call their number or e-mail them to get in touch with the person.  Never visit the website through the link advertised or mailed to you. That is, open it separately. Sometimes the fake buyer and seller would direct you to a fake website with fake vehicle deals to offer. Read More…


  1. Michael, Washington DC

    Online Automotive fraud caught by me

    My name is Michael and I work as a Marketing Manager in a multinational firm. I am unmarried and stay with my mom and dad. The experience I am sharing with you happened with me almost a year ago. I am passionate about cars and I was planning to buy a new car for myself. One day while searching some information on the Internet, I came across an advertisement offering cars at almost half the prices available in the market under a bidding scheme. Initially, I felt tempted, but then I gave it a second thought and decided to find out whether the deal is actually good to be trusted upon. I opened the link and searched for all the related links. I felt that there was something fishy about it. I decided to call on the given number and talked to the agent trying to find out the cause why they are selling cars at such low prices. During the call, he kept on ignoring the things and was unable to answer my queries properly. The agent said the car is not available here and they need to ship it from overseas. He asked me to make the required payment through wire transfer. Despite his due attempts, he was unable to convince me and make the payment. After few days, I read an article on the Internet regarding online automotive fraud. Then, I came to know that actually it was a fraud company that cheats on the innocent people by using the name of big companies. I was shocked that how they are carrying out such frauds openly and the authorities are not even taking any action against them. I was saved as I found out the roots of the company but many people become victim of such frauds every day. Now I never trust things which seem too good to be true. I advice all not to fall for such attractive looking advertisements as most of them are fake.

  2. Thomas Judd, Connecticut

    Beware of the Automotive Scams on the internet!

    I dreamt of having a sport bike and I was so close to getting one when fate ruined it forever. I don’t know if I can blame it on fate of not! Maybe it was one of the worst days of my life when my brain was on a vacation. I had scaled down the list of bikes that had some of the most amazing deals, which I had browsed through on the internet. I was tempted by yet another deal that was offering me the lowest of all prices.
    The moment I opted for that deal, I kissed goodbye to my luck. I was too attracted to the lucrative deals, that I never wanted to question anything and just go with the flow. What a fool I was! I called up on the number that was mentioned and after inquiring about the bike I was sure of finalizing the deal. The person, to whom I spoke to, told me that I would need to make one fourth payment through a cheque and send it to the address that he gave me.
    Without any delay, I sent out the cheque and waited but when I never received the bike, I called up the same number, but it continuously going switched off. Till date, I haven’t received any bike and I never will as it was an Online Automotive Fraud that I fell for.

  3. Bennett James, New Orleans

    Lost money online…

    I bought a Ford pickup over the Internet last week (or so I thought). The price was very reasonable keeping in mind the condition of the vehicle and I was asked to pay some advance fee for paperwork. I made the payment using my credit card but after that, there was no reply from the other end. I think this was one of those Internet automobile frauds that you hear about all the time. Plz do not buy automotives from the Internet! You could land up in some sort of trouble.

  4. Jess Barnes, Vancouver

    Online auto fraud!

    I almost fell for online automotive fraud. My experience was a little different as this website informed me that there was a great car in my locale and I could win it cheaply. I won the auction and as there was no need for shipment I was asked to just pay for the vehicle insurance and delivery charges. I was adamant that I would not pay up till I saw the vehicle. The person running the website called me a couple of times asking for money but when he understood that I wasn’t going to pay, he stopped.

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