Uninstalling Windows® XP in HP TouchSmart® 300z series

Do you want to know the tips for uninstalling Windows XP in HP TouchSmart 300z series desktop PC?

Computer owners around the world still use Windows XP operating system as it is light and consumes very little resources. Windows XP makes sure that your computer gives you optimum performance. Any problems within this operating system can be easily solved. Your HP TouchSmart 300z series desktop PC is a very reliable new generation machine and you can use Windows XP to enjoy the amazing features and functionalities offered by the operating system. If your HP TouchSmart 300z is already operating on Windows XP and you are not satisfied with its performance, then you can easily uninstall it. Before uninstalling Windows XP, you should create a recovery disk of the working Windows XP operating system so that even if some issues do come up in the uninstallation process, you can use the disk to recover the system.

Some of the things that need to be kept in mind while uninstalling Windows XP in HP TouchSmart 300z series desktop PC have been discussed below:

  • Verify compatibility
  • Create data backup
  • Power backup

Verify compatibility

Before removing or uninstalling Windows XP in HP TouchSmart 300z series desktop PC, you should check the compatibility of the operating system which you plan to install after completing the uninstall process with your computer system. This should done to avoid any error after the uninstall.

Create data backup

Uninstallation of Windows XP in your HP TouchSmart 300z series desktop PC will remove all the data within the system. Therefore, it is recommended to create a backup of the data on the system before starting the uninstallation process. The backup should contain set-up files of all applications including drivers so that in case Windows XP needs to be reinstalled, this can be done easily.

Power backup

The uninstallation process of Windows XP should not be undertaken without making sure that there is proper amount of power backup. Power related interruptions during the uninstall process can make the operating system corrupt which can leave your HP TouchSmart 300z series desktop PC in an unusable state.


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