iYogi Reviews: Windows® 7 loaded with amazing features

Windows 7, the latest OS from Microsoft, comes with many advanced features that make your everyday tasks simpler. Pin and Jump list is one of the new features in Windows 7 that helps you access things more quickly.  You can share your library within a small network with the Remote Media Streaming feature that is available in Windows 7.  Aero Snap and Aero Shake are two other features which help you resize windows and clear a cluttered desktop.  You can also manage all the connected devices easily with the help of improved device management features. You can find more details on the prominent features of Windows 7 in the review released by iYogi. Read More…


  1. Veronica Jones, New Jersey

    Windows 7 – Perfect birthday gift to my sister

    My sister was having a miserable time with her previous operating system. She works for a private company where she really has to multi-task but her system performance was quite slow. I often saw her struggle while searching for files. So on her birthday, when she was out, I got her OS upgraded to Windows 7. Now my sister can’t stop talking about her new operating system and its exciting features like the aero experience, library function, remote media sharing, pin and jumplists, device management etc. It was just the perfect b’day gift that I could give to my sister.

  2. Jennifer Moore, Liverpool

    Windows 7 rocks!!!

    Hey Veronica, glad to hear that. I also experienced the same problem. My work demanded searching documents which was very difficult in my old OS. Then my husband suggested we change to Windows 7. I’m glad I did what he asked me and now I’m very happy!

  3. Nick Emmanuel, Ohio

    Upgrade to Windows 7 & enjoy the experience!

    I was totally oblivious about the new Windows 7 until one day I saw my friend working on his PC whose operating system had been upgraded to Windows 7. I was startled on seeing how easily my friend retained the window of his choice on the desktop and minimized the rest with just a shake. He said that it was the “”AeroShake”” feature and then he told about the interesting features of the new Windows 7 like “”Pin, Jump Lists, Device Management”” and I was very impressed. It was just a matter of time before I too had Windows 7 installed in my laptop.

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