Facebook to suggest where you can party tonight!

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If you are an iOS user and love exploring Facebook, here’s something interesting for you! The social networking platform is now all set to amaze you with its event browsing feature that will keep you informed about the latest events in your vicinity, basis your interests. Sounds impossible? Well, it is possible now. Facebook’s latest […]

Green Monday 2015 best offers are out!

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Shoppers don’t need a reason to shop, do they? However, if the occasion is that of Green Monday, even the remotely interested shopper would rarely find reasons to refrain from going ahead. To woo the potential customers, Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon are already up with their little surprises! Here’s all about Green Monday that […]

VTech Security Breach Exposes Data of over 5 Million Accounts

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The server of the world renowned maker of electronic learning devices for kids, VTech, was recently breached. This comes after the massive data breach instances that took place in the government offices and health insurance companies over the past few months. As per VTech, the data breach took place in the Learning Lodge portal, the […]

Apple to add Lightning to iPhone 7 – The newest tech spec

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iPhones are sleek; this doesn’t certainly mean that they can’t get any sleeker! This is exactly what Apple is out to prove and in the bid to create the next generation iPhones that are slimmer and more stylish, the company is considering modifying the design. Rumors are doing the rounds that probably the next design […]

SATIDA COLLECT Smartphone App Helps Identify and Track Droughts

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Technology is supposed to simplify our lives and this one app does it to the ‘T’. Smartphones are readily available in all places across the globe – even the under developed countries where famines, drought, and other natural calamities appear like a regular phenomena. Besides aiding communication at a personal level, smartphones are also being […]

Firefox app finally for your iOS-based devices

After iOS opened up for non-Apple browsers last year, users who were earlier only treated to the default Safari browser in addition to Google Chrome and Opera, now have a reason to smile. Yes, if you have been a fan of the Mozilla Firefox browser and were unhappy about not being able to use it […]

Apple’s latest tablet ready for online orders this week!

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Here’s great news for all of you who have been waiting for the launch of Apple’s new iPad Pro. Yes, your long wait is all set to be finally over. You can soon get home your latest iPad device, the iPad Pro… well as soon as this week! As per the latest confirmation by Apple, […]

Would Tech Biggies Provide Backdoor Access to User Data?

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It is indeed a double-edged sword and till a decision comes through, the debate on whether backdoor access should be given to the government and law enforcing agencies will continue. We are talking here about data encryption and the stand that tech companies are taking in this. For the uninitiated, this debate has been going […]

Is Giving In To Ransomware The Easiest Way Out?

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The ugly head of Ransomware, a type of malware, has been cropping up for quite some time. And, every time it has cropped up, it has meant doom for the victims. Cryptolocker and Teslacrypt are two of the most prevalent ransomware families that have conned people into believing that enforcement agencies such as the FBI […]

Sell your old laptop for $200 and bring home Windows 10!

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Halloween’s around the corner and everybody’s planning surprises for their near ones. And guess who is up with some surprise for you – none other than Microsoft! Yes, in an unprecedented move, Microsoft is offering a one-of-its-kind offers wherein it is offering to buy your laptop for $200 or your MacBook for $300 if at […]

Speedafari on iOS 9: Load Web Pages Faster

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While you are browsing the web on your iOS 9, it could be a frustrating situation to find that the Internet connection is pathetically slow and web pages are talking forever to open. You can’t do much about the slow connection, can you? But, you can surely do a lot about opening pages faster even […]

Are Holographic Images Soon Going to be featured through the Google Glass?

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Does the idea of an augmented reality headset offering you holographic images excite you? Well, if it does, you are surely going to be kicked about the Google patent for a wearable device showing up holograms! As per the latest update, Google has already filed for the patent that would enable the technology giant to […]

SAP Afaria vulnerability puts at risk over 130 million devices and data

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Hackers do not miss an opportunity of creating havoc in the lives of unsuspecting technology users. And, when this opportunity comes to them in the form of vulnerability in specific software, they have even more to rejoice about at our cost. Revelation from ace enterprise software maker SAP has once again left users in a […]

Hackers manipulate Xcode; Apple pulls down infected apps from the App Store

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Overcoming bigger hurdles give better satisfaction. While this is true in our daily lives, it seems that hackers are presently the ones making the most of this common saying. And bearing the brunt, people on the other side of the fence are iTunes App Store users who’ve unsuspectingly downloaded apps that are laden with malware. […]

Here’s what to expect from the recently launched Google’s Android Pay

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Google has recently launched its one-touch payment app, Android Pay, across 1 million locations in the United States. Users having Android-based devices with NFC (near-field communication) technology can use this app to pay for their purchases. With the release of Android Pay, Google enters into direct competition with Apple’s offering –Apple Pay. At a quick […]

After hacking Bugzilla, hackers are now targeting Mozilla Firefox users

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In the latest incident of data hacking, Mozilla users have had to bear the brunt after the bug tracking and testing tool Bugzilla was infringed. The hackers, after stealing sensitive data from the tool, used it to attack Mozilla Firefox users sending them into panic mode. For the uninitiated, Bugzilla is an open source program […]

Facebook ThreatExchange to Curb Hacking Attempts

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It isn’t that technology giants aren’t doing nothing about the large scale data breaches that are happening. To combat such threats, tech giants have decided to join hands and come up with measures that are a step ahead of the hackers. Certainly, fighting these threats individually isn’t helping anymore – rather, the demand of the […]

Ashley Madison Data Breach Instance: An Overview

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You’ve all read about the Ashley Madison data hack that rocked the globe, ever since the incident was reported last month. While it is a scary situation to be in for the members, even the non-members are equally tensed – who wouldn’t be affected to know about his/her partner’s cheating escapades outside marriage? For the […]

Apps for organizing a student’s hectic life!

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There are apps today available for practically everything – from locating your misplaced smartphone to keeping a track of your fitness regimen. So, as you can see, apps make a lot of things easier for us. They help us simply life and many mundane chores that would otherwise perhaps be boring or lengthy. But, isn’t […]

Data Breach at American Airlines and Sabre Corp. hits Customers the Hardest Way

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It is getting scarier by the day as newer names are being added to the list of companies whose sensitive data’s been hacked. Security breaches aren’t a new thing in cyber world; however, with the latest revelations that have come to the fore, every single hack is now putting at threat the crucial data of […]

Within a week since its release, Windows 10 is already on 14 million devices!

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It’s not even a week since Windows 10 was released and already 14 million devices are running this operating system! The number isn’t as appealing as the excitement was surrounding the release; and this is entirely due to Microsoft’s plan to release the OS in phases. As shared by Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft corporate vice president, […]

Come August 7 and Apple Watch will start retailing at 100 Best Buy Stores!

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This is certainly the case of ‘the more, the merrier’… Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport are soon going to be available on Best Buy, other than the Apple stores. So, if you’ve been waiting to adorn your wrist with this Apple product, you wouldn’t necessarily have to line up in front of the Apple […]

Starbucks Mobile Ordering App is Now Also in the UK

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This is real technology news! If you love Starbucks coffee but have lately delayed visiting a premise just because of the long queues you had to first deal with, here’s good news for you. With the mobile ordering system now brought into place by this US-based coffee giant, grabbing your favorite ‘cuppa’ is going to […]

In the Wake of Data Hack, OPM director Ms. Archuleta Resigns

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It isn’t just the employees and ex-employees of the OPM that have had to deal with the trauma of the data hack instances lately; it is also their family members and acquaintances that are under the threat. As per the initial reports, sensitive data of around 4 million people were compromised; this number has now […]

Cisco Owns the Highest Number of Net-Security Patents!

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This comes as a revelation of the latest LexInnova report No matter which country you reside in or what profession you’re into, the perils of online security are bound to set you thinking. No matter how many doors and windows you close to prevent these perils from penetrating your digital world, there seems to be […]

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