Starcraft 2 Disappoints many fans

Starcraft 2 was a strategy video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is a science fiction video game which is a sequel to the 1998 video game Starcraft. It released on July 27, 2010. Although the game was released and had lots of big expectations riding on it, many gamers were disappointed after using it. There were some people who truly enjoyed the game and many critics thought it had a well evolved narrative structure. The game currently holds an aggregated score of 93% from Metacritic. However, there are a lot of reasons why it is considered a major disappointment.

The first and the foremost reason is that it didn’t have a LAN mode unlike its predecessor. The reason why Starcraft had become so popular and was a big hit among the gamers’ community was because of its great LAN mode. Even 12 years after its release, people play it in their LAN parties. That is precisely why people were expecting Starcraft 2 to support LAN as well. Starcraft is a game which they simply wouldn’t want to play in Online or Single Player mode. There were a staggering 253,000 users who had signed a petition called “LAN in Starcraft 2 please’. Blizzard Entertainment didn’t care for it and had openly announced not to expect a LAN mode in Starcraft 2. Another aspect that goes against the game is the lack of any offline mode. Although it does have an offline campaign, it’s a partial one. So you would have to log in to to play it. It’s a letdown for users who don’t have an Internet connection or for those who don’t want to connect to the Internet.

It is more expensive than even console games, making it one of the most expensive PC games at $60. This is even separate to the prices for the Protoss and Zerg campaigns that are going to come separate at standalone games. This will in turn make you pay more if you’re interested to buy, thus making the overall game cost very high. There is no feature of a cross region play. However, if you are in India and want to play with someone from the USA, you would have to set up two separate accounts. For this purpose, you would have to purchase two games.

Although Blizzard might add the feature of chat rooms in their future versions, Starcraft 2 currently doesn’t have the facility, thereby making it extremely disappointing for someone who is used to seeing this feature in popular games. It is not as if the game doesn’t have any positive aspects to talk about. Many believe that it is a fine combination of good storytelling and impressive gameplay. The graphics and the game modding tools are being talked about positively too. However, the ugly issues of lack of LAN play, splitting up the regions, an expensive purchase and making it unavailable for offline users have overshadowed the benefits associated with it.


  1. See that’s the main reason most people I know bought the game: sweeping reviews. It reminds me of a story from my youth: Independence Day. Super hyped; and most people who went in initially succumbed to the hype and admitted they thought it was awesome. But once the hype euphoria wore off, people began realizing it was garbage, not after giving it good reviews and lining the pockets of the producers etc.
    The game engine was ‘on par’ with about any other RTS out there.
    They skimped on the voice acting and script writing, which appears to be all in-house.
    The releasing of different campaigns on separate pricetags, although typical of Blizzard, just shows that this company is interested in one thing only. And don’t tell me every company is the same way; I can give you dozens of examples of companies who take pride in their work and will not compromise their integrity with petty theft.

  2. the no LAN support issue… well this not entirely true. IF an internet CAFE bought th3 50 keys or so.. then yes people can make 4v4, FFA games and play till there hearts content. Anyone who “really” wants to play this game is going to have an account anyways, and can happily log in at a LAN and play against there friends. The reason people are angry about no LAN is bc they are not able to play Pirated copies as they hook up to a router with all their friends. All the Multiplayer features of SC2 are excellent.

    All this said the article does have a point. NO LAN ?

    but srs guys fork out the $50 ! you wont regret it … gr8 game

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