BlindType acquired by Google to boost Android R&D

Google has recently announced the acquisition of a technology based company called BlindType.

The new acquisition has been cited in terms on knowledge transfer and technology transfer as BlindType has innovated a keyboard in which users don’t have to type on the onscreen keyboard, but they can start typing anywhere on the screen.  Through its artificial intelligence the software is able to detect the hand movements on the screen and configure the corresponding character to the hand movements.

Google needs greater technology advantage for its devices as Apple’s iOS devices have “smarter” technology. The recent acquisition is seen within the context of creating a better competition for Android devices.

However there are similar forms of competition in keyboard R&D that seem to be enhancing the features for entering information without an onscreen keyboard. In a similar case Swpe has developed technologies for the Android devices. Due to the recent acquisition by Google of BlindType, Swype is doubtful of creating technologies for Android devices now.

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