How to Install Language Packs in Windows 7

The users of Windows 7 who have been running Enterprise can easily change the display language by few clicks. Any one can change the language which is used for text in menus, windows, and dialog boxes by installing and activating language pack. Some of the display languages are installed by default, and others you have to require additional language files. Windows 7 decides the localized languages which are been used to display text in wizard, menus and others in the user interface.

Types of Files

In windows 7 have two types of language files, one is windows 7 language interface packs (LIPs) and another one is windows 7 language packs. Basically LIP s provides the translated version, it provides the most widely areas of the user interface. You can download LIP s very easily. Windows 7 language packs need license and these are available only in Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise.

Installing the display language

If you want to install a display language, at first you need access to the language files. These files are basically located in your computer; these are downloaded from the web. Now, if you want to install a display language , then at first double click on the files to open the setup programs, after that open the region by click on the start button and also open the language by click on the start button. After opening the region and language, you have to click on the control panel, clock, language and region, and then click on the region and language. Now click on the keyboards and language tabs, under this display language you have to click on the install or uninstall language button.

Steps for installing the windows 7 language pack

1. First click on the start menu and open the start search menu box, then type Microsoft update in the box and then click this Microsoft update in the programs list.
2. Now click on the optional update links for the language packs.
3. And now you have to choose the desired language pack from the Windows 7 language packs category.
4. Finally click on the OK button and install updates button for installing the process.
In this process you can’t install many additional language packs, because the disk space and systems performance will be affected.

Changing the display language

If you have installed the language interface packs then you can see the display language section. If you want to change your display language, then first click on the start button to open the region and language and then click on the control panel, clock, region and language, finally you have to click on the region and language button to perform the work. Now select the change items from the display language from the language list and finally click on the ok button.

Steps for changing the display language

1. At first click on the start button to open the start search box and type change display language in the box.
2.  After that click on the change display language option.
3. And finally select the language from the list which one you want to change and click to the OK button .

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