Microsoft® Office 2003 on a Windows® XP

Installing Microsoft® Office 2003 on Windows® XP

Microsoft Office suite is the best document manager software that you can find. Most of computers in this world are using it, even if the operating system is Linux or UNIX. It has become a necessity and you cannot do anything these days without it. Just imagine a conference without a slide presentation made in Microsoft PowerPoint or some complicated math calculations without the Excel. In addition, the 2003 edition is used even today. Although Microsoft tried a new version of Office in 2007; most of users remained faithful to the old version.

Here are some tips on installing Office 2003 on a PC with Windows® XP operating system:

  • Finding a kit of Office 2003
  • Installing the software
  • Configuring the software

Finding a kit of Office 2003

The easiest and safest method of finding this program is to search for it in specialized stores. Any copy of Office 2003 is compatible with Windows® XP system, so you so not need to worry about that. Don’t think it is hard to find just because it is an old program. It has been so successful that you can still find it in any software store. There is another easier method, but it can prove risky. Find a site and download the program yourself. Find a site that is agreed by Microsoft, or even better, download it directly from the Microsoft website. You will have to pay a fee, of course but you can also try it free for a month.

Installing the software

The first thing you need to do is to introduce the Microsoft® Office 2003 CD Key. Look for it on the backside of the installing CD, or find a notepad with it if you have a downloaded version. The installer will open another window, so you can choose what you want to install. This is the delicate part, as you might not need all the programs available. It is recommended to go for the default installation as a new user, but if you have problems with the disk space, you might think about not installing the whole package. Usually Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access are most used so you should have them also. Choose the installing folder, but keep in mind that it is recommended to install it in the default Program Files folder.

Configuring the software

After the installation is over, you will need some personalized configurations. You have a lot of them as you can configure tabs, appearance, menus, and accessories. Get some online support, that, of course if you own a licensed program. Also, keep in mind that a pirated copy of Microsoft Office 2003 might become unstable and could introduce some dangerous viruses in your computer.

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