Microsoft® PowerPoint 2003 Errors

Are you aware of issues of Microsoft® PowerPoint 2003 with Windows Vista?

There are many applications under Microsoft® Office 2003 Suite that can run on Windows Vista® easily and smoothly. But, most of these applications are ported from Windows® XP directly to the Windows Vista® and sometimes tend to have a few problems. In this article, we will be looking at the different types of error that can occur with Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2003 on Windows Vista® through the following heads.

  • Office 2003 pack upgraded
  • Registry entry corruption
  • Windows Vista® is not genuine

Office 2003 pack upgraded

In multiple cases, it has been observed that the Microsoft® Office Installation pack has installation if you have previously applied an Office service pack and then uninstalled the Microsoft® Office suite. Trying to reinstall in this case will lead to a failure of installation procedure. This is because the registry entries for the Microsoft® Office suite get corrupted. Office 2003 had been upgraded to the latest version so there are chances that it might not be compatible with the registry requirements of the Windows Vista® and would not install at all. The solution would be to clear the registry entries for the Microsoft® Office suite and then attempt a reinstall. If the problem still exists then get in touch with the technical expert for early solution to the problem.

Registry entry corruption

In this scenario, you are actually able to install the Microsoft® Office suite and then the suite downloads updates via the Windows® updates features. But, the updates do not install. This issue occurs because the Microsoft® Windows® Registry is corrupted due to a previous installation and a registry key that provides the path of the original installation source for the Microsoft® Office 2003 program is missing.

Also, problems may occur when you try to access the updates directly at Office Update website manually through a web browser. It has been observed that certain third-party browsers (other than Internet Explorer®) or some proprietary browser plug-ins that are provided by an Internet service provider (ISP) cause the Office Update website to behave abnormally and prevent updating of the Microsoft® Office suite and PowerPoint® in turn.

Windows Vista® is not genuine

Microsoft® Office suite always checks for genuineness of your Windows® copy. If the Windows Vista® is somehow not found to be genuine there are chances that the Microsoft® Office might fail to install. If you are sure of that you bought a genuine copy of Windows®, you may need to contact professional technical support. If not, the solution would be to get rid of the pirated version of your Windows Vista® and get a genuine version of it. If the problem still exists then get in touch with a technical expert to get an early solution to the problem.

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