Microsoft PowerPoint 2003: How to Insert Chart into Presentation on Windows XP?

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 offers a plethora of options in charts you can insert to your Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation. These include stock charts, bar charts, column charts, surface charts, pie charts, doughnut charts and different types of graphs. Apart from these, you can also insert an Excel 2007 chart to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation.

Well, you can simply select and decide on the right type of chart on the basis of the type of data you want to include to your PowerPoint 2003 presentation whether it extracts data on organizational changes, inventory report, monthly sales report, market study or others. If you are looking for tips on adding chart into Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation, then check out these following simple steps:

  1. Open an existing PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Select the slide in the left pane where you want to insert the chart. To insert a chart click on “Insert” and then select “chart” from the menu that appears.
  3. Either way, you’ll end up with a column chart based on dummy data — you can thereafter change both the chart type and the dummy data on which the chart is based.
  4. If you have worked with Microsoft Excel, or another spreadsheet program, the datasheet will look familiar
  5. Insert or change the cell values in the datasheet according to your choice.
  6. After inserting or changing the cell values in the datasheet, you can exit the work window by clicking anywhere outside the chart area or the datasheet. The datasheet and the border around the chart will disappear. You’ll also no longer find the Data and Chart menu options in PowerPoint
  7. To make any more changes to the chart, double-click it so that you can summon the chart editing view with the datasheet again.

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