Microsoft PowerPoint 2003: How to insert a table presentation on Windows 7?

Table options in Microsoft Word enable us to present data more precisely and in a more streamlined manner. The same thing you can create on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Inserting table presentation to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 is a great way of presenting data and making your presentation appear more prim and professional.

Moreover, tables will allow you to highlight and distinguish a certain area of data from the rest of the information in a presentation. Creating tables in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 is not that complicated as it seems to be. If you are looking for tips on how insert a table presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation on a Windows 7, then following tutorial will simplify the process in which you can easily insert tables in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.
  2. In the standard toolbar click on the “Insert Table” icon.
  3. Select the required number of rows and columns from the drop down grid and it will insert the table on your PowerPoint slide.

By following these steps carefully, you can successfully insert tables in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 on a Windows 7-based computer.

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