Take a look at your recently created Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation. Do you think adding a watermark of your name or your project will add a better visual appeal to it? Why not try out once and see if this works? To start with it, follow the step-wise description of the process and see how interesting it will make your entire presentation! Making backgrounds to your presentation and filling it with a relevant picture and further supporting the same with soundtracks can transform your plain and boring presentation to something that your audience will love to enjoy and look forward to in the future.

On your Windows Vista PC, this is what you can do…

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.
2. Click on the “Format” menu, click “Background”.
3. Under “Background fill”, click the arrow below the image, and then you can either select a color from the color scheme:
a. By clicking on one of the eight colors displayed and then click on “Apply”.

a. By clicking on “More Colors”.
b. Click the color you want on the Standard tab, or click the Custom tab to mix your own color, and then click “OK”
c. Click on “Apply”.

To select a fill effect or picture

4. Click Fill Effects and try out the various options available.
a. To use shading, click the Gradient tab, click a type under Colors, click a shading style, and then click OK
b. Click “Apply” to make the changes
c. To use a texture, click the Texture tab, click the texture that you want to insert it, then click OK
d. Click “Apply” to make the changes
e. To use a pattern, click the Pattern tab, select the pattern you want, select foreground and background colors, then click OK
f. Click “Apply” to make the changes
g. To use a picture, click the Picture tab, click Select Picture to find the picture file you want, click Insert, and then click OK.
h. Click “Apply” to make the changes


Now that the main process is over, what remains is for you to receive the accolades. Yes, you can now take all the complements and give a boost to your creative side.