Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: How to add hyperlinks to presentation on Windows Vista?

Are you ready to learn the easy steps that you can use to link up your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation on your Windows Vista PC? Well, your wait is over…

Go through the step-wise description given below and follow each step as mentioned here to complete your task of adding suitable links (of live websites) to your presentation. The procedure below also shows you how you can hyperlink a particular word in the text (rather than displaying the entire link) and make the presentation authentic and relevant to your topic. Do not miss to watch the video given below too:

1. Open the site whose link you wish to add.
2. Right click on the link and click on “Copy”, and then close the web browser.
3. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.
4. Right click on the new slide and click on “Paste”
5. Now hit “ENTER” and there you have your hyperlink on the slide
6. To hyperlink a single word, make new slide and then type text in placeholder text box.
7. Select the text which you want to use as a hyperlink.
8. Right click on the word you wish to hyperlink and then click on “Hyperlink” from the drop down menu
9. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box will appear. Right click in the given space, click on “Paste” and then click “OK”
10. You can see the link in action when you press F5 on your keyboard. This makes navigation much easier.


Wasn’t that easy? Now you can apply the steps mentioned above and easily hyperlink a text within the content in a slide or add a link to a live website as per your requirement and preference.

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