Redesign of Microsoft Homepage

The world of Microsoft is a huge world which has several types of products. A very important product which the customers get to use completely free of cost is the homepage of Microsoft. There are several features that are extremely useful for the users. There are several online surveys which have confirmed that users from all parts of the world have appreciated the website in a huge way. It is not for nothing that people from all directions of the compass prefer to use the home page as their home page. This factor has been noted by the company and the company have decided to repay the faith to the users.  Microsoft has managed to redesign their home page in two separate ways. The company has learnt the things that the users might need while at home, and the things that the users would need while at work place.

This view point has been reflected in a huge way in the new home pages of the company. The company has made the home page which the users can use at home, much more colorful and attractive with various tabs which are apt for relaxation. However, on the other hand, the company has designed the home page for the work place as a very professional one which is extremely user friendly and has loads of important links which the users might need while at work. The users from all parts of the world have appreciated this change and have thanked the company through various online surveys.

It is strongly advised to all users to ensure that they make good use of these home pages as they might prove to be extremely beneficial in more ways than one. It is not for nothing that users from different places have started to use them.

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