How to use Avast Antivirus

Like the heart is to the human body in the same manner a antivirus is to your Computer. Nowadays the malicious programs have become so common that every second user’s computer suffers from the problem of virus which may be in the form of worms, spywares, malware or Trojan horses etc. The answer to such type of threat to your computer is nothing but a suitable Anti-virus program.

There are near about bunch of such Anti-virus programs available in the computer market. You have Norton Anti-virus, McAfee Anti-virus, Kasper sky Anti- virus and Viper Anti-virus available for in the market. But the previously mentioned are all the soft wares available only when you purchase them. However, some computer users’ long to choose such an Anti-virus program that is available for free and at the same gives an ample performance too. For such type of Anti-virus you have the best Avast Anti-virus available for you. You can download the same from the internet. The software is available on the websites under the Anti-virus & Spy ware section. Download the latter and Install at the same time on tour system.

Handling such type of Anti-virus soft wares is very job to do.



Boot Time Scan can be scheduled:


Step one

Once you install the Avast Anti-virus on your system, an icon will appear on the task bar. Right-click on the same and click on the eject tab.

Step two

Then on the prompted window choose the “Schedule Boot Time Scan” by clicking on the same. You can either choose to scan any specific file or folder OR scan any particle disk or the entire hard drive disk. One can rather browse through to choose any specific file to be scanned.

Step three

“Scan Archive Files” tab is then clicked on to proceed further. Then check on the boxes available for an advanced setting. If any infected file is found you can click on the same and pull it down to delete or quarantine the infected files. You can also select the option of “Allow to Delete System Files” to prevent the pop-ups from developing while you go foe system scanning.

Go for scanning your PC or run a scan:

Step one

Open the Avast windows and click on the tabs which you can find on the right corner of the prompted window. These buttons are actually the list locations which can be scanned using your Avast Anit-virus security. The top most tab says to “Scan your hard drives like C: or D:” to choose OR go for entire computer scanning. The tabs in between talk about scanning the removable drives like CD or a Floppy disk drive.

Step two

Then at the bottom you can select folders which you long to get scanned in your system. When you click on the latter you can scroll through to choose from the options of folders available and take you decision for selection of your desired file n folder accordingly.

Step three

Once you have made choices or selected your desired options of files n folders. Then on the left corner to the Avast window click on the “Play” tab to begin the process of scanning.

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