How to delete a PivotTable or PivotChart report in Microsoft Excel 2007 on Windows XP

A PivotTable is a great data summarization tool. Whether you want to do sorting, adding or averaging, a PivotTable is your best aid that not only performs the desired action but also reflects the data in a separate table. You can even make it a complete replica of your standard table in terms of formatting while using it in Microsoft Excel 2007 on your Windows XP PC. But there might be a situation, wherein you would want to delink a PivotTable from the standard chart. There are two key aspects involved here. Firstly, delinking of a PivotTable creates a standard chart that cannot be changed any longer. Secondly deleting a PivotTable may not necessarily delete the attached PivotChart report. So, while you delete your PivotTable, you need to ensure that it is completely delinked. You can manage it by following some quick and easy steps. Let us see how:


1. Click the PivotTable report.
2. Click on the “Options” tab, in the “Actions” group, click “Select”, and then click “Entire PivotTable”.
3. Press “DELETE”.


1. Select the PivotChart report.
2. Press “DELETE”.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Just get going.

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