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If you are an end-user who is experiencing difficulty with an application while installing and running. . Our website ... offers comprehensive technical support solutions across all devices, platforms and applications – Solutions are for individuals as well as businesses. You can contact customer support number '- for the software that is displaying the error message or any other issues you are facing with your devices like … Desktops , Laptops , Notebooks Printers. We provide comprehensive solutions for any computer virus related issues , slow computer and antivirus support.


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How to Change Language on Google Chrome

Find out the easy steps shown in this video about How to Change Language on Google Chrome. https://youtu.be/kevhllFZrk4   Go to the top right box, and select Settings. - Go way down and click "advanced." -  Go  down and in the…

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows PC

Follow the steps shown in this video about how to screenshot on Windows PC. https://youtu.be/125H8FESPYw Click on the screen you would like to capture - Press Ctrl + Print Scrn (Print Screen ) on Keyword. - Click the Start button…

How to fix windows 10 freezing Problems

Follow the steps shown in the video to learn about how to fix windows 10 freezing problems . https://youtu.be/I-BV2S-qdls Follow the Steps : Sol 1: Update the drivers. To update the drivers with Driver Easy, click the Scan Now button…

How to change Excel Cell Color using the ‘Conditional Formatting’

Follow the steps shown in this video and you will be able to change  Excel background color based on other cell value. https://youtu.be/WYZx7noLbKI On The start Screen Click on the Excel Sheet Open the workbook where you want to make…

How to Make a FlowChart in Excel 2010

Looking for methods to create a flow chart in  Excel 2010, just follow the easy steps shown in this video. https://youtu.be/R46sUoojjfM Steps: Open Excel Click on insert tab  and go to the illustration group and then click Shapes . Then…

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