Microsoft has been a leader in the software industry with many products and so is the need of Microsoft Support which is in high demand. You must ensure that you are dealing with legitimate company as there are many con artist in this space those are not good and you should never give them access to your computer. Microsoft does offer support for lot of products.

Here are few Microsoft products you can get support for:

  1. Windows 10 Support: Microsoft top product by far is Windows and if your windows are corrupted or your computer is running slow for sure you need technical support by phone. This can be fixed by Microsoft certified professional or you can visit your local computer technician who will assist you to fix it in not time.
  2. Microsoft Support office 365: You can contact Microsoft for any issues with your Microsoft office and the main products you can get support for is:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Publisher (PC only)
  • Access (PC only)
  1. Support for downloading products and security products: You can get support for all the products you want to download and start running it on your computer. You can download the following software and get support for
  • PC optimizations tools
  • Office tools and updates
  • Download the latest browsers
  • Xbox and other games
  • Printer, cameras and network cards
  1. Internet Explorer support: There are millions of users of internet explorer and time and again they face problem though Microsoft works hard to fix any latest threats and issues with the browsers. There are Phone support and community help available for the Internet explorer.
  2. Microsoft Support Edge: Microsoft edge has made life easy in internet browsing and since the introduction consumers are learning how to use the software to best of its potential.
  3. Xbox and Games Support: Xbox has millions of users and when you are playing games for fun you don’t like interruption and Microsoft team can help you with uninterrupted games.

Why Call Microsoft Support ?

  • Technical Support: You can contact Microsoft for technical issues which you may be facing with any of its products.
  • Billing and refund related issues: You can get in touch with Microsoft if you have any question about charges and if you need refund.