Introduction to Sage 50 WebSync Services

Improvisation in technology has advanced our day-to-day activities to an extent. Small-scale and medium-scale companies share the advantage of cutting down on their workforces as the Sage 50 software is here to cover much of the work. This online tool is an accounting and payroll product that has many advanced features to ease your task. Thus, management of various data, analysis and calculations for the company’s record can be easily done with the help of Sage 50 system software.

To learn how to enable and disable Sage 50 WebSync Services, let us first understand what WebSync is. Well, the term “WebSync” itself implies its meaning as – synchronization of the web resources. However, here “WebSync” is especially used in context to Sage 50 to imply synchronization of the Sage 50 Web Resources. These web resources which are listed under the Sage 50 window are nothing but the data which is stored and uploaded online to keep track of a particular company’s records and details.

Uses of WebSync Services

Before you go on to analyse how to enable and disable Sage 50 WebSync Services, let us take a look at the various functions of the WebSync Services. This useful wizard on your software not just enables you to sync your company’s information on the web but also helps to manage and personalize your company’s data in various ways. Let us give an insight into how you can put the WebSync Wizard to effective use:

  • You can upload vital information from your device (desktop, laptop, etc.) on any specific Sage 50 web resources online to enjoy services like Sage Payment Solutions, Direct Deposit Services or Manage Payroll, etc.
  • Downloading of information which was previously stored or updated on the specific Sage 50 Web Resource could also be done.
  • You can also process information through the WebSync Services. Thus, information related to your company database could be retrieved on your computer screen with the help of this software function.
  • WebSync also helps to preview the data before you can process it to extract on your desktops.
  • Lastly, it also enables you to select and discard data and information which was previously downloaded for your convenience.

Steps on How to Enable and Disable Sage 50 WebSync Services

Synchronization of data online with the ones on your device’s screen can thus, be done with the help of WebSync Services. Now let us understand How to Enable and Disable Sage 50 WebSync Services so that you can make well use of this wizard.

Enabling the WebSync Wizard 

Step 1 – Launch your server and open Sage 50.
Step 2 – Go to the “Services” menu and then click on the “WebSync” option.
Step 3 – A new window will appear with a piece of introductory information displayed on it. Go through the details and then input your Sage ID details.
Step 4 – Choose a business from the Business window for synchronizing your business details. (Note that you can even select multiple options from here if you own more than one business).
Step 5 – Choose a service from the Service Window if you want to synchronize a web service online through the WebSync Wizard.
Step 6 – A new window displaying the synchronization of the data in progress will appear. Wait until the synchronization is complete.
Step 7 – Services and Business selected for synchronization will be displayed once you the processing is done.
Step 8 – Click on the “Finish” tab on the WebSync window. (Make sure the synchronization is done before you select “Finish”).
Step 9 – Select the “Web Transaction Centre” option from the WebSync window to examine and process the information which you have retrieved from the Web resource.

Disabling the WebSync Wizard

Step 1 – Launch your server and open Sage 50
Step 2 – From the “Services” option, go on to select the “WebSync Wizard”
Step 3 – A new window will appear. On the top-right corner select “Do not run WebSync Automatically”.
Step 4 – This will disable the WebSync Wizard to work on its own. However, you can once again restart it to enable and run its services automatically.

Factors to Remember while operating WebSync Wizard

WebSync Wizard could be easily managed and operated once you keep in mind the factors that are listed below:

  • Make sure you backup your company’s data and other essential information before you synchronize it on the web.
  • You should have a decent and stable internet connection to run the function and the synchronization process smoothly.
  • If you wish to stop and cancel the synchronization while in progress, know that the data which is already retrieved will appear on the Sage 50 window.
  • Always review the transactions from the Sage 50 Web Transaction Centre once you click “Finish” to complete the synchronization process successfully.