Taking about the Features & Benefits – Quickbooks File Manager Application 2021, it is the only file manager software for QB enterprise accountant and accountant. The app stores QB files along with usernames and passwords. Furthermore, the app can import client’s .qbw files and upgrade the QuickBooks version easily.

Features & Benefits – Quickbooks File Manager Application 2021: Know More About The Same

What makes QuickBooks accounting software one of the best in its features and benefits. If you are keen to know about the Features & Benefits – Quickbooks File Manager Application 2021 then make sure that you read this article carefully. But before moving forward, you should keep in mind that:

  • QuickBooks File Manager comes with a password vault that can be easily used for managing complex passwords.
  • You can use the backup feature of this application in case the same list of files and their credentials is required on more than one system.

What You Can Do With Quickbooks File Manager?

  • You can create a list of the clients that can also create a virtual view of the hard drive, and contain locations of the client’s company files.
  • The application can automatically save the login information for you. The password vault allows you to open clients files without knowing the login information.
  • You can create groups of clients.
  • It also lets you add, edit or remove groups.
  • It can upgrade multiple clients files.
  • Searching for clients is a straightforward way with this app.
  • Merge a folder just by right-clicking on them and select the merge option.
  • All the details of your clients will get occupied automatically every time you choose them from the list.

Open A Company File From The QuickBooks File Manager

  • You can either double click the file or move to the drop-down and select open in QuickBooks.
  • Keep in mind that you can open two files at one in QuickBooks with File Manager.
  • If you need to convert or restore files then convert it to .qbw or restore to .qbw.

Merge And Manage A Client Folder

  • Right-click on the folder that you want to merge and select merge selected clients.
  • Go to Groups and add/edit or delete groups from the options given.
  • All the groups that you create or edit will be saved inside a group’s drop-down menu. Groups will be saved according to the year in which you have created it.

QuickBooks File Manager comes in handy when you work on different versions of QB applications and files at the same time. Thus, making it easier for the accountants to manage accounts. If you still have any doubt about the Features & Benefits – Quickbooks File Manager Application 2021 then the Accounting Errors technical support team of QuickBooks is always there to help you. Get their contact information from the Contact Info Directory website.