One of the most common queries of Sage 300 users is How to Fix Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153. This error usually distorts users from logging in to the Sage 300 database. Furthermore, you should know that there is some problem while connecting to the database whenever such errors like 49153 appear on your display. The error 49153 also indicates that the Sage 300 program has already begun but it is unable to connect with the database due to some of the other reasons.

Therefore, the first thing which you have to understand is the various reasons as to why the server failed to connect to the database. Secondly, you will have to analyse all possible circumstances for which the error has popped up. And lastly, you need to find the solution so that you know How to Fix Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153.
In this article below, we will discuss all the possible reasons why you are not being able to log in to the Sage 300 server and access your database. Also, you would be acquainted with the various ways to fix this error and further access your records and setup from the Sage 300 company software.

Reasons for Sage 300 Error 49153

  • Connectivity issues: One of the most possible reasons for the Error 49153 to occur on your computer screen while trying to log in to Sage 300 database is due to your connectivity. Often, poor network connections prevent you from accessing the Sage 300 database. Therefore, the first thing which you need to check upon is your network and connection.
  • Invalid server: Another reason could be that you have to input the wrong credentials for logging in to the drive. When faced with such errors like 49153, always revert and check whether the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and the Data Source Name (DSN) is valid or not. Once you input the correct resources, you will be redirected to a new page where the server will connect you to the records stored in Sage 300.
  • Invalid SQL: It often happens that users tend to input an invalid structured query language (SQL) because of which the system denies access and shows error. While trying to operate the Sage 300 company database, make sure you have correctly placed the credentials so that no error occurs. You can also take help and cross-check with your admin for the correct credentials.

Steps to Resolve How to Fix Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153

Given below are the steps on How to Fix Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153 on your computers. Go through them so that you can fix this error in no time and access the database for your perusal.

Step 1 – Select “Start” on your desktop.
Step 2 – Select “All Programs” from the menu.
Step 3 – Click on Sage and the version you are using (for example, Sage 300 2020).
Step 4 – Then select “Database Setup”. You will be redirected to a new window where you will have to submit details like the User ID and Password.
Step 5 – From your database profile, check if the database name, server name, data source, login ID have been input correctly.
Step 6 – Go on to the “Control Panel” and then select “Data Sources” from the “Administrative tools.”
Step 7 – Check the Data Source administrator along with the DSN and server name.
Step 8 – The window asking for “SQL Authentication” must be provided with your User ID and password.
Step 9 – Check whether the rest of the settings are set to default.
Step 10 – Lastly, you can check your connectivity from the DSN. You could also try reinstalling the SQL drive as an alternative if your database connection is still not established.
Step 11 – If access is still being denied, you can cross-check with the SQL Server.
Step 12 – For this, you will have to go to the “Start” button and select “Run.”
Step 13 – When you press “Run”, a pop up will then show which asks for the name of the internet resource, database, program or folder. Type “Services.msc” in that box.
Step 14 – Wait for the SQL Server to start on its own. If it doesn’t then right-click and select “start” to run the process.
Step 15 – A new window will then appear on your device’s screen. It will display the status as “Started.” Now you can log in to Sage and then log in to the Sage 300 database.

Thus, these were the standard steps to fix error 49153 for Sage products. If still, any problems persist while logging in, then you could contact a tech-professional to resolve the crisis. Remember this accounting and payroll product, that is, Sage 300 is easy to operate but only when it is accessed by tech-experts and accounting professionals.