If you are planning to open a small business, then you should get bookkeeping software. Now before you start searching about how to download bookkeeping software free for small business, it is suggested to try QuickBooks.  A QuickBooks-certified bookkeeper will understand your business and it will provide some services. The bookkeeper will set up your accounts chart, bank connections, for each month they categorize your transactions and reconcile your account. At the end of the month, the bookkeeper closes the relevant books and prepares a trial balance sheet to provide confirmed accuracy. They even send key financial reports of your business, which includes profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

QuickBooks are highly recommended because of its key features. They are-

  • Keeps track of your business from any location and permits you to organize your business from PC, tablet, or mobile phones.
  • It keeps a record of all expenses, maintains personalized dashboards and keeps track of your business performance.
  • It helps you to make custom invoices and sales receipts. These can be printed or send to anyone in less time.
  • It manages your cash flow.
  • It manages bills from vendors and helps in making payments before the due date. With this software, you can make a recurring payment schedule.
  • Having secured data access allows data usage to your accountant, colleagues, or bookkeeper who has signed in into QuickBooks cloud-based platform.

Steps to download QuickBooks Desktop

While thinking about how to download bookkeeping software free for small business, you can download QuickBooks. It mainly focuses on small and mid-sized businesses. Follow the steps to download the accounting software.

  1. Search ‘Download QuickBooks’ in any browser.
  2. Select any one of the links available on the internet that shows the latest free version of the software.
  3. After downloading the software, select the executable file from your computer’s download folder, and click on it.
  4. Click on the “Yes” button and proceed with your installation process.
  5. Read all the License Agreement, and hit on the “Agree” button.
  6. After this, the installation process will start.
  7. Carry out all the instructions that appear on the screen to finish the installation process.

Besides downloading QuickBooks Desktop for offline data works, you can also use QuickBooks online. It provides a 30 days free trial period, and after that, a premium membership subscription is required.

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

If you are freaking out while thinking about how to download bookkeeping software free for small business, you can try QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping. You need to follow the steps to get this service –

  • You must have QuickBooks Online.
  • From the right top menu, select ‘My Experts’.
  • Then you need to select the link under ‘Live Bookkeeping’. This will help to sign up for the services.
  • After signing up for QuickBooks Online subscription, you may find there is an option which says ‘QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping’.

This service does not include sending invoices, paying bills, managing inventory, accounts receivable or payable, tax-related or financial advice, payroll management, and filing income-tax or sales-tax returns.

You can schedule an appointment with a bookkeeper during regular business hours. Select ‘My Experts’ -> go to ‘Live Bookkeeping’ -> select ‘Schedule my appointment’-> after filling up all the required information, you will receive a confirmation about appointment booking.

You can even send a message by selecting ‘My Experts ‘ -> under ‘Live Bookkeeping’ select ‘Send a message’ -> a chat window appears where you can discuss your issues directly with a bookkeeper.