Thinking of how to fix QuickBooks invalid product ? This is basically the 176109 error where the product code is shown as invalid. Those wondering how to fix QuickBooks invalid product code should know that the error message will state that your authentication based files are either missing or corrupted. This error comes up whenever you are attempting to open up your QuickBooks Point of Sale. The program requires ample permissions for writing/reading files minus disruptions. If admin-level permissions are not provided, the invalid product code error is expected to show up on the screen.

How to fix QuickBooks invalid product Error – Some simple guidelines

There are several reasons behind the occurrence of this error including the following:

  • Whenever the contents of the folder named Point of Sale Entitlement are either damaged or simply missing.
  • The product code is incorrect for installation of QuickBooks Point of Sale to the computer’s QuickBooks Desktop version.
  • Whenever any user does not possess admin-level authorization/permissions for gaining access to these files.

Steps to be followed for tackling the error

Here are the steps that you have to follow for combating the error.

  • Via Windows Explorer, just follow this path- C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8.
  • Hit Ctrl + A for selection of all files.
  • Click Delete and then Yes for confirmation of these actions.
  • Open QuickBooks Point of Sale and get the application re-registered.

If the error does not resolve itself, here are some other steps to be followed:

  • Follow this path- C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini.
  • Just right click on WS Activity and then click on Rename.
  • Key in OLD WS Activity before saving.
  • Close this window and get the entitlement folder deleted likewise.
  • Re-launch the Point of Sale application.

Additional steps that you can follow

If the above measures do not solve the issue, you should re-install the Point of Sale application for QuickBooks Desktop. However, get a file backup done prior to this procedure. Here are the re-installation steps for you to follow:

  • Visit the Control Panel on your computer.
  • Click Programs and Features.
  • In the program list, choose QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Thereafter, hit Uninstall and follow the instructions for successfully finishing the procedure.
  • All the point of sale based folders should be renamed with the addition of OLD at the end of every individual folder. This helps you keep QuickBooks from recognizing these particular folders for making newer ones.
  • Follow steps for installation of the Point of Sale application.
  • Open the same post installation, make a new company file and restore the backup that you had previously made.
  • Open the application once again for verifying whether the issue has been fixed.
  • Re-registration of the QuickBooks Point of Sale application is a must as well.