The software company Sage has launched Sage Pay to process various payments on behalf of the company staffs. It is one of the most used payment service provider platforms. There are no setup fees with the software.

Fix Sage Pay Error Codes

This happens a lot of times, we encounter certain errors while using any software. Same is the case for SagePay. These errors are of different types. It can be a responsive error, validation error, or some other errors related to transactions. To fix Sage Pay Error Codes you can get technical help from the Sage 50 Support team for 24*7.

The reasons for displaying SagePay error messages are –

  • A failed transaction
  • Technical issues.
  • Issue related to the card you are using to make payments.
  • Problems while integrating the payment system with the company’s website.

Features of SagePay

There are several features of SagePay and this is why it is leading the market at present. Small to large companies prefer SagePay for easy and reliable transactions. The features of SagePay are –

  • Invoice Payments
  • Business insights
  • Face to Face payments
  • Customisation
  • Mobile card machines
  • Online payments
  • Point of Sale integration
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Phone Payments and a wide range of payments.
  • It is having more than 25 currencies.

With SagePay, the payments become two times faster. It can be accepted over the phone with great security. The automatic recording of payments eliminates the chances of errors. You can also get the real-time reports and analytics of your business.

Fixing Sage Pay Error Codes

This is quite common to encounter errors but the best part is the availability of easy solutions to resolve them. Following are the common SagePay Error codes –

  • Code 1 for invalid XML
  • Code 10 for being unable to validate the signature.
  • Code 4020 for invalid IP address
  • Code 401 while asking for user authentication.
  • Code 1002 for failure in the authentication.
  • Code 1017 for invalid or not allowed transactions.
  • Code 2003 for not providing the terminal ID and authorization issues.
  • Code 2097 for unrecognised email ID.
  • Code 2180 for being unable to delete its user.
  • Code 2212 for no successful transaction record
  • Code 2261 for negative surcharge value.
  • Code 3004 for invalid amount entry.
  • Code 5994 for internal server error.
  • Code 5998 for duplicate vendor
  • Code 9998 for request time out.
  • Code 110029 for using spaces or special characters, other than numbers.

Here we have fixed two Sage Pay Error Codes.

  • Resolving Sage Pay Error Code 4020.

Error code 4020 may pop while you make a payment through Sage pay account. It says that the transaction is made from an invalid IP address. But if the IP address is a registered one then it needs to be fixed.

To Fix Sage Pay Error 4020 follow the steps –

  • Run the system as an administrator.
  • Click the start button and select system tools.
  • Go to the System Restore option.
  • Select Restore my system to the earlier time and press Next.
  • Select the Latest system repair point from the list.
  • Click on the Restore point list and press Next.
  • After completion, reboot the system.

You can also add a correct IP from the control panel of the Sage Pay account.

  • Resolving Sage Pay Error Code 5080

While performing form transactions, you can encounter SagePay Error Code 5080. The reason is an incorrect encryption password. To obtain the correct one, you need to log in as an administrator into the ‘MySagePay admin panel’. Then follow the instructions to fix Sage Pay Error Code 5080-

  • Enter the correct Encryption password and log in as Admin User Id.
  • Next, verify the encryption process.
  • Log in to the SagePay account.
  • Go to the Transaction option.
  • Select Invalid Subsystem
  • The invalid transaction will be displayed along with clarification and an additional SagePay error code.
  • In some situations, the transaction may not be displayed on the screen. This indicates a problem with encryption.

After completion of all the step by step procedure, the issues will be resolved. In the case of not being resolved, you can contact the Sage 50 Support team. There are several webinars, videos, documents and a lot of tips and tricks are available for the customers. You can also have a 1 to 1 chat with professional staff and clarify your problems.