How to fix QuickBooks connectivity problems ? This is a commoner problem than you usually think! Many people search for the answer to how to fix QuickBooks connectivity problems since more often than not, they encounter such network issues and errors. They may also be confused whenever any such network errors take place or there are error messages that show you the occurrence of any such network error. It goes without saying that such errors hinder normal functioning and usage of QuickBooks which is one of the most vital tools for professionals and businesses today.


Fix QuickBooks connectivity problems :

Before getting into how to fix QuickBooks connectivity problems, you should know that whenever there is any network issue taking place, it means that a portion of the page that you are viewing, has not loaded completely owing to network problems. This is usually when QuickBooks Online shows the message- Error: A network problem has occurred. You can swiftly get this issue resolved if you follow some simple steps in this regard.

  • Choose the Reload button or hit F5 on the computer keyboard (Command + R in case you are using a MacBook) for downloading the full page.
  • In case the problem still remains, you can get your browser restarted before logging into QuickBooks Online.
  • If refreshing your browser does not solve the problem, you can check if the computer is running any particular firewall based software. In case there is a firewall that is running, you should configure the same for allowing access for these two links-

If you are still receiving the error message, you should get customer support at the earliest. Make sure to inform the representative about the exact issue that you are facing along with providing details about security software and firewalls installed on the computer and updates that were recently installed onto the device. This will help the support team to address the issue quickly and solve it with alacrity.