How to fix QuickBooks error-OL-221-A ? This is one of the commonest problems faced by users in recent times. Searches have increased considerably for how to fix QuickBooks error-OL-221-A and this error takes place whenever you are getting your bank accounts updated for online services. This is also called bank feed error code OL-221.

Before learning how to fix QuickBooks error-OL-221-A, you should remember that this error is caused due to various reasons. These include temporary server failures or issues at the bank, issues with internet connectivity, usage of an outdated Windows or QuickBooks Desktop and also issues pertaining to the company file in question. Before fixing this issue, you should first contact your bank or financial institution to find out whether they are making server or website changes. If there are issues at their end, wait it out for 24/48 hours and if the issue is still not resolved, then go ahead with the added troubleshooting measures.

QuickBooks error-OL-221-A

Make sure that you create a backup for your Company files. Open QuickBooks Desktop, hit File-Back Up Company- Create Local Backup and then follow the instructions given on the screen. Also go to Help- Update QuickBooks Desktop for updating the software while choosing Update Now on top and selecting Get Updates. Once the update is completed, click Close.

How to fix QuickBooks error-OL-221-A

The first step is deactivation and reactivation of your bank feeds. This involves the following steps:

  • Choose List-Chart of Accounts (CTRL +A)
  • Right-click on accounts in the list and choose Edit Account.
  • Click Bank Feed Settings and then Deactivate All Online Services.
  • Choose Save and Close.
  • For reactivation, follow the same procedure till you click on Set Up Bank Feeds and then hit Yes for closing all open windows in QuickBooks.
  • Enter bank name and hit Continue before entering the username and password and then hitting Connect.
  • Once the account is found, link the same to your existing account and click on Next.

The second stage involves running Verify and Rebuild Utilities. Open the QuickBooks Desktop program and go to File-Utilities-Verify Data. Click OK for closing all windows which are open. If no problems are found with data, then click on OK again and if issues are found, then click Rebuild.

Run Rebuild Utilities by going to File-Utilities-Rebuild Data. Then click OK and Save for creating the backup. Upon completion of rebuild, click View Results and if there are no issues, go ahead with the next steps. For any data issues, you should connect with an experienced support team.

The next stage involves creation of the Test Company file.

  • Visit File-New Company.
  • Click Start Setup and then Skip.
  • Enter details and click Create Company.
  • QuickBooks may require time to create new company files.
  • Once done, you can click Start Working and add bank accounts in the test file.

The next stage is enabling TLS 1.2 Security Protocol.

  • Click Windows + R keys and view the Run box.
  • Type CPL for opening the Internet Properties option.
  • Click on Advanced and scroll downwards till the security section.
  • Uncheck Use TLS 1.0 and check Use TLS 1.2.
  • Click Apply and then OK.
  • Restart the computer accordingly.

The next step involves confirmation of identity from the bank in question. Your bank may require confirmation of identity for usage of online services in the QuickBooks Desktop application. This usually takes place post upgradation of QuickBooks or updating the present version. You will have to login to the website of the bank for confirming identity. Check the message centre or notifications for the update on confirmation. You can also get in touch with your bank or financial institution for this purpose.