Sage 50 is an accounting and business management software, which is used in business sectors, where the number of employees reaches up to 50. The software helps in managing reports of the following – Cash Flow Management, Sales Optimization, Payroll, Payment Acceptance and Invoicing, and Inventory Management. It, therefore, ensures the clients about your capabilities of solving all their business-related tasks with accuracy.

Sage 50 Balance Sheet :

It is common for software to have glitches. Sage 50 Balance Sheet Out Of Balance is one of the issues faced by the companies working with the software. This error indicates an incorrect account balance which means the debit balance doesn’t match with the credit, and the account for the year cannot be closed. In other terms, your assets do not match with your liabilities in the ledger. The reasons for this error can be –

  • Damaged transaction
  • Changed account types
  • The custom report has been damaged
  • The General ledger account is missing in the Custom report.
  • For specific accounts or account segments, the General Ledger Trial Balance has been filtered.
  • The account may have a zero balance.
  • Subsidiary companies are out of balance.

This error must be rectified to obtain a proper result of the ledger at the end of the year in your business. For that here are some solutions for you. But before you start working with the product functionalities, you need to create a data backup and then proceed to advanced solutions.

To resolve Sage 50 Balance Sheet Out Of Balance issues, we need to follow the steps –

  1. Verify the corrupted transaction errors
  2. Move your cursor to the Report option and click on forms.
  3. Select General Ledger.
  4. Here, you need to select the General Ledger report. Then, click options.
  5. Also, change the time frame and press on “OK”.
  6. If any error message appears, close the dialogue box.
  7. Close the General Ledger report and then click on a report or form.
  8. Remember, all the other users must close the Sage software.
  9. Then go to the File menu, and click on the Data Verification option.
  10. Once you check both the tests are selected, move to the Start Button.
  11. You need to create a backup of the tests and save them.
  12. Once the account verification process gets over, check the account balance.
  13. Check if the Sage 50 Balance Sheet Out Of Balance issue is resolved. If not, continue with step 2.
  14. Integrity checks
  15. Make sure you are having a backup of all the company files in Sage 50 before you start the steps.
  16. If multiple users are connected to the Sage 50 application, ask all of them to close it.
  17. Now, move to Tasks and select System.
  18. Here you need to click on the Change Accounting Period option.
  19. Select Period 1 and press “OK”.
  20. Select the Help option and click on Customer Support and Service.
  21. Then click on Integrity Check.
  22. Now run the Chart of accountants.
  23. Check if the account balance matches with General Ledger. If yes, then stop, else move on with the following steps.
  24. Select Access Integrity Check and press on Continue.
  25. Mark the box with Journal Balances, and press on “OK”.
  26. Re-select the Access Integrity Check and press on Continue.
  27. Select the General Ledger balance box, and press “OK”.
  28. Check the balances.

Run the standard General Ledger report with no filters and check whether the debit balance matches the credit balance. This ensures you about the issue being resolved. Hopefully, these steps will help you to resolve Sage 50 Balance Sheet Out Of Balance issues. But if it continues, then you can reach out to the Sage 50 helpline team, Sage business partner, or the business administrator and ask them to help you in resolving the problem.