All software requires to be upgraded with time and Sage 50 is no different. You will need to update the accounting software to its new and latest version to be able to work faster and better. The new features added in the upgraded version give more productivity and scalability to its users. You can connect to the Accounting Advice team to get information about the new version of Sage 50. If you require updating your software to the latest format available, then you must follow the steps mentioned below. 

Sage Data Conversion to the Current Format: Steps to take before the conversion

Certain instructions need to be followed before the conversion. They are as follows

  • Your company file’s backup must be created. 
  • You need to note down the Company file’s name and location by going to the Properties option under Files. 
  • The Simple Accounting Edition 7.0 or less than that, the file type is .asc
  • The Simple Accounting Edition 8.0 till the year 2007, the file type is .sdb
  • The 2008 edition or higher, the file type is .sai
  • You must keep the UAC-User Account Control off when the conversion is processing.
  • To do the above step, you must open UAC by going to the Control Panel.
  • When the conversion is processing, you must make sure to turn off Anti-Spyware, Anti-virus, and Firewall devices.
  • You must save all the data on a desktop before launching Advanced Database Check. Then shift them back to their initial location after converting them.

Sage Data Conversion to the Current Format: Steps to Convert

Now let us see, how to convert the old version of Sage 50 to the current Format.
Step 1: You have to open the latest upgraded application of Sage 50.
Step 2: A welcome screen will appear with several options.
Step 3: You have to select the “Open your last company” option and click on OK. After you click OK, a message will appear on the screen regarding the new format. You will have to keep clicking on Next until the Finish option appears. 
Step 4: Choose the “Select an Existing Company” and click OK.
Step 5: You will have to convert the Look in Field to a folder where all your data files are located.
Step 6: Select your data and click OK.
Step 7: You will have to keep clicking on Next that appears along with a message regarding the latest version. 
Step 8: After you pass the Upgrade Wizard display on the screen click on Finish.

Sage Data Conversion to the Current Format: Issues faced

Several issues come up while the conversion from the old version to the current version goes on.

  • You might have trouble opening Sage 50 after conversion.
  • You might face trouble in converting the older version to the current format.
  • There might be an issue with Automatic Backup.
  • The conversion processing can fail.
  • You might have trouble converting the data from the older to the new version of Sage 50.

Troubleshoot when the conversion fails

Firstly, you must restart your PC if there is any issue while converting the data file from the older to the current version. After restarting the PC, again start with the process.

There are certain reasons why your data conversion can fail:

  • If your computer locks up.
  • If a power outage occurs.
  • If you mistakenly closed Sage 50 during conversion.
  • If you turned the PC while the conversion is going on.


After you restart the computer you need to restore the backup data before making the conversion. Data conversions are generally required when you are looking to install an upgraded version of Sage 50. For the maintenance of older products, you must update it and therefore have to do data conversion. You can upgrade the older version to the current format without having to uninstall the product. You can easily save the old company data and shift it to the new company folder. 

Precautionary steps before launching- Data Wizard conversion

Before launching the Data Wizard Conversion, you must follow the precautionary steps:

  • To speed up the process of conversion without any errors, you will have to disable anti-virus, close all the applications, and turn off screensavers.
  • You must have enough hard disk space before making any conversions as Sage 50 utilizes the extra space when converting the data temporarily.

There are different steps to troubleshoot different causes of error in your desktop while the conversion is going on. For example;

  • If non-existing errors appear during conversion.
  • If problems appear on a network during conversion.
  • If the conversion fails continuously.