Are you thinking about How To Setup Quickbooks Enterprise ODBC Driver? Then you have come to the right place. QuickBooks application can work with the Open Database Connectivity Driver perfectly. ODBC Driver lets you export data from a company file to other files such as Microsoft Excel and Access, File Maker and many others to create a customized file.

How To Setup Quickbooks Enterprise ODBC Driver: Let’s Know More About The Process

You can easily export your Quickbooks data to a Microsoft file application with the ODBC Driver. It can simplify your financial and accounting operations and helps you create custom reports for your financial transactions. Uninstall all the previous versions of QB from your computer and update the current version to the latest.

  • Download the ODBC driver from its official website.
  • Save the driver file as QODBC.exe and locate it to a place where you can find it easily.
  • Double click on the file to open the installer.
  • Browser the location where you want to install the program from the installation window.
  • Click Next and your ODBC Driver will be installed.

Setup QuickBooks ODBC Driver

  • Open the downloaded file.
  • In QuickBooks, click on File and then Utilities.
  • Click on Configure ODBC.

Open The General Tab

  • Choose the company file that is currently open in the QB application.
  • Enter the QB Data in the Data Source Name.
  • Click on Test Connection to QuickBooks and make sure that you are already signed in to company files as Admin.
  • When the Test Connection to QuickBooks Successful window appears then click on OK then click Apply.

Open The Messages Tab

  • Clear the Detail Tracing (Slow) checkbox from the messages tab.
  • Click on the Display Optimizer Status Panel checkbox.
  • You will be able to see the current activity and the number of records processed by doing this. It will also let you know if the application needs troubleshooting.
  • Once you are done, click Apply.

Open The Optimizer Tab

  • Click on the Use Optimizer Checkbox
  • For Default Optimizer use the file path (%AppData%\ODBC Driver for QuickBooks\Optimizer). This path is strongly recommended to use.
  • Click on the Start Of Every Query and then click Apply. Initial Optimization depends on the file size. It can also take 24 hours to complete. However, once the optimization is done, it will run a faster data connection with QuickBooks.
  • Click OK to exit the Configure ODBC Driver window.

This is How To Setup Quickbooks Enterprise ODBC Driver. It’s a very straightforward process and everyone can do it just by following the simple steps mentioned above. However, if you need any help then contact QuickBooks technical support. Go to the website of Contact Info Directory, get the contact number of QuickBooks and clear your doubts. Contact Info Directory is a modern online directory that can help you to get numbers of all the leading companies in the world.