Undoubtedly, QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software in the world. Since it’s a software, you might face errors while operating it. One such error is Undo Reconciliation. You will have to reconcile your transactions if your bank statement doesn’t match with your QuickBooks balance sheet. Therefore, it is extremely important to How To Undo Reconciliation In QuickBooks Online.

How To Undo Reconciliation In QuickBooks Online: Ways To Do The Same

You must keep it in mind that reconciliation of QB transactions is mandatory before solving any error. There are several reasons for which you should Undo Reconciliation. Bank reconciliation is available in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online applications. Let’s know about the reasons to undo reconciliation before learning How To Undo Reconciliation In QuickBooks Online.

  • Inaccurate records of the payment date & time.
  • Uncleared transaction after checking it off.
  • Forced bank reconciliation that properly requires correction.
  • An incorrect bank statement date

Follow The Steps Below

 Method 1 

  • Open the QuickBooks application and go to the Banking menu from the left of your screen.
  • Select banking from the top of the list.
  • Select the account that is on the top.
  • Go to Register/Account history.
  • Search for the transaction that you need to reconcile. You can only reconcile one transaction at a time.
  • Highlight the transaction
  • Tap on the R button that is located between the Deposit and Amount or Payment and Charge amount.
  • It will let you change the status of the transaction you want. Change the status from Blank to Cleared.
  • Click on Save and Select Yes on the pop-up window.

 Method 2 

  • Open the QuickBooks online application and click on the Gear icon.
  • Under tools, select reconcile.
  • Choose the bank account that you require Undo Reconciliation.
  • Place your mouse pointer on the reconciliation month that you want to undo.
  • Locate the Undo button on the Auto Change Column.
  • Click the Undo button.
  • A pop-up window will appear showing the Ending balance and Statement Ending Date.
  • If both all the information are correct, click the Ok button.
  • Another pop-up window will appear.
  • Click Ok.

 Undo Reconciliation In QuickBooks Desktop Version

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop application and Login.
  • Select the company file and go to the Banking menu.
  • Click on the Reconcile Now button.
  • Click Undo Last Reconciliation.

Follow all the aforementioned steps carefully to Undo Reconciliation as these were the most effective way to the same. However, if you are unable to follow the steps then you can reach out to the technical helpline support of QuickBooks. Get the helpline number of QB from the website of Contact Info Directory. This modern online directory can provide you with the helpline numbers of all the major companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Avast and many others.