Wondering what is the advantage of QuickBooks online for you? Small businesses face a host of challenges related to accounting, covering everything from payroll and invoicing to taxation and more. This is hard to work out without getting into proper accounting software or accounting platforms. That is where QuickBooks comes into the picture.

QuickBooks advantage Online :

If you were thinking what is the QuickBooks advantage online for you, it comes with three versions. Two of them are versions for the desktop and in these cases programs are downloaded to computers. One version will be an online offering. The online version basically means that the program in the cloud and your own data will be stored on Intuit secured services. Intuit is the company making this program. All versions function similarly although customers mostly go for the online version.

Key advantages that you should look out for

What is the QuickBooks advantage online for you? Here’s looking at the best ones without a doubt.

  • Shared Access of Data- If the accounting tasks of your company are shared with other people, you will naturally benefit from using QuickBooks online. The program is situated in the cloud with everybody able to access the same via usernames and passwords. This means that anybody can access data without having to be located on a particular machine. There are additional user options provided as well. You can have multiple employees using various program aspects altogether.
  • No Backup Requirement- QuickBooks online automatically backs up all content and all financial data which is stored securely on servers of Intuit. You will not have to worry about frequent backups and data loss.
  • Online Support- If you require online support with any issue, if you have paid for your user license, you will get seamless access to the help desk at Intuit. Professionals will assist you with everything from setup and troubleshooting to even general problems.
  • Automatic Invoice and Statement Dispatches- You can use QuickBooks online for sending statements and invoices to clients regularly. You can automate the entire procedure with aplomb.
  • Automatic Transaction Loading- Some transactions like payments and purchase will automatically upload into the program.
  • Direct Electronic Payment Receipt- Electronic payments will make things more convenient, particularly in terms of processing bank transfers, debit/credit card payments and ACHs.
  • Handy Apps- You can use the app for iPhone and iPad to swiftly get financial records updated anywhere you like. Both apps connect to the cloud version directly and changes are automatically synced across both.
  • Easy Report Running- The online version has various reports and the amount you get is proportionate to the license that you have. You can check reports from anywhere without a hitch.
  • Tracking Inventory- QuickBooks online will help you track inventory seamlessly and updates can be made on the move without any hassles.
  • Easy software upgrades- Software upgrades will be automatically handled when the program is located in the cloud. You will not have to worry about the same and new versions will instantly appear.

These are the key advantages of using QuickBooks online.