Tips to select the best drivers for your Acer® TravelMate® system

Notebooks are must for both, home and business users. Acer® TravelMate® series are designed with the latest features and also have simple user interface. Acer® TravelMate® series contain different notebooks suitable for different purposes. For example TravelMate® 5530 is designed for travelling professionals where as TravelMate® 6293 is designed for business purpose. These all have high memory capacity, fast processor and high hard drive capacity. Some of the notebooks in TravelMate® series offer high data sharing and connectivity capabilities. The other most important feature is the long battery life. Most notebooks in this series offer approximate eight hours battery life. The role of device drivers in this series is highly important. The available drivers include audio, video, Ethernet card drivers, etc. These drivers are the agents that help you to connect to the specified devices. The drivers convert the user’s request into a set of commands and pass that request to the device. These drivers are the essential part of the system. They help to increase the performance and speed of your system.

You have to consider certain things before installing drivers on your Acer® TravelMate® system:

  • Capacity of automated software database
  • Compatibility
  • Updated drivers

Capacity of automated software database

Automated software is used to control the drivers. The software should be able to handle the driver capacity. The software database has to accommodate the drivers even if they are upgraded. So, before going to select any driver, you should check the capacity of this software database.


Compatibility is most important in drivers. The drivers usually make problems when the operating system is upgraded. Each driver should be compatible with the system requirements and the memory capacity. This should also be considered before driver installation. You can select proper drivers from the notebook manufacturer’s website. You just need to type the model number of your system, search the memory capacity search for suitable drivers.

Updated drivers

In order to have the system in perfect working condition, you should make sure that all the drivers that are installed on your system are updated. If your system has old drivers installed on it, then it will cause numerous problems, like slow system speed, crashing, freezing, etc. Therefore, you should always keep the drivers up-to-date.