What drivers are available for Acer® TravelMate® working on Windows® XP operating system?

The Acer® TravelMate® is a new laptop from Acer®. It comes with many new features. The laptop is highly compatible with Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system and uses an Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2300 with 2-MB L2 Cache, 1.66 GHZ speed and 667 MHz FSB. The laptop is provided with 512 MB DDR2 RAM with a 60 GB hard disk drive and a 14 inch wide screen display. The laptop has many new drivers with high performance. The Realtek AC’97 audio driver is used as an onboard on the motherboard. The driver provides a complete integrated audio solution for your laptop with flexible mixing, gain and mute functions. The Bluetooth® WIDCOMM Ddriver v4.0.1.2101 is the new Bluetooth® driver which provides high-speed communication of your laptop with devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants and peripherals. Synaptics TouchPad driver v7.13.2 is used to configure the touchpad device on the laptop. With this driver, you can give additional functionalities to the touchpad like acceleration, scrolling etc.

As you are working with these drivers you might get some issues. They are :

  • Sound might not work
  • Bluetooth® might not be recognized
  • Compatibility issue

Sound might not work

The Realtek AC’97 Audio driver gives your laptop the complete integrated audio solution. But, sometimes you might not get any sound out from your laptop. You can solve this problem by adding a new driver to assist the audio driver in your Acer® TravelMate®. If you install the Microsoft® Universal Audio Architecture Bus Driver with the audio driver, the audio problem might get fixed.

Bluetooth® might not be recognized

Bluetooth® driver is designed to connect your laptop with other peripheral devices such as mobile phones. Even, if you have installed the driver properly, the system might show a message ‘Device not found’. You can solve this issue by just restarting the system or by re-installing the drive. Still if the Bluetooth® does not work, you can use an external USB Bluetooth® driver to solve the problem.

Compatibility issue

Sometimes, the drivers you installed in your Acer® TravelMate® laptop might not work properly. This might be because of the compatibility issue. Before you install a drive, you have to check the compatibility of the drive with the system. If your system is an old one, you have to upgrade its components before you install a new drive.