What are the possible reasons for wireless Internet problems on your Acer® TravelMate® laptop and various ways to resolve such issues?

Acer® TravelMate® laptop is a highly designed and developed laptop from Acer®. For better Internet connection, the laptop uses wireless LAN connection. This wireless connection suits all the needs of users who use the laptop while travelling and moreover it provides high-speed Internet connection to users. But the wireless Internet can face certain problems at times. It might stop working after the rebooting of the system. After you have used any backup disk on your system, you might not be able to see the wireless connection. The wireless connection might sometimes refuse to access the network. Furthermore, the wireless connection might not work well with the upgraded drives. There can be many reasons for the above errors like malware infection, router issues, connectivity problems, driver issues, incompatible software or hardware, etc.

The different wireless Internet problems with Acer® TravelMate® laptop and ways to resolve them are discussed below :

  • Ensure minimum system requirements
  • Check the connection path
  • Refresh the network

Ensure minimum system requirements

If you are using a wireless connection on your laptop, you should ensure that your system meets certain minimum requirements. The wireless connection requires Intel® Celeron® M processor with 1MB L2 cache, 1.5GHz and 400MHz FSB. It requires Windows® XP or later version as the operating system. For better connectivity, the wireless connection requires a 10/100 Ethernet LAN card. Users need to ensure that these system requirements are met for smooth wireless connection.

Check the connection path

When you are unable to connect to the Internet, you should first check the path or router of the connection. You must be sure that the wireless router or access point that you are connected to, has a connection to the Internet. If you are having any trouble with the set-up of wireless connection, then you should contact the Internet service provider and get your wireless connection configured.

Refresh the network

Your wireless connection might sometimes refuse to access the network. You can resolve this problem if you follow some simple steps. Firstly, select the ‘Control Panel’, select ‘Properties’ and go to the ‘Advanced’ tab and tick the box that says ‘Let Windows manage my wireless connections’. Then right click the ‘Wireless Network’ icon and select the ‘show available networks’ button. Lastly, refresh the network. This will connect your wireless connection to the network.