Are you aware of the importance of Help and Support for resolving software and hardware related issues with Acer® TravelMate®?

While attending a meeting or traveling, Acer® TravelMate® is easy to use. It weighs only 3.1 lbs. The Acer® TravelMate® features fingerprint security with bio-protection finger print reader. This gives security to your valuable data. A built-in webcam, wireless LAN and Bluetooth® allows you to connect with your friends and family. The technical specifications include Windows® 7 Professional operating system, Intel® Core™ i3-330UM Mobile Processor, Mobile Intel® HM55 Express chipset, 2GB RAM and 250GB hard drive. The memory can be upgraded up to 4GB. Some software are also included in this series. They are Acer® Bio-Protection, Acer® Crystal Eye, Acer® ePower Management, Acer® eRecovery Management, Acer® Identity Card and Acer® Video Conference Manager. The system can encounter certain software and hardware issues at times. They are system slow down, system lockups, system crash, blue screens, and strange noises. Of these the hardware problems include unwanted noises, device failure and battery problems. System slow down is actually due to software problems. Virus infections or corruptions in the software are the basic factors for these software problems. These types of problems can sometimes cause system damage, or system crash. Some damages caused by these errors are beyond repair.

Acer® offers some services to resolve these types of issues :

  • Driver upgradation
  • Acer® recycle program
  • eRecovery CD
  • System repairing

Driver upgradation

Some types of problems can be resolved by upgrading the drivers. If you install drivers from unauthorized websites, they might cause problems. Acer® provides you better support for upgrading to suitable driver. This helps you to avoid any incompatibility issues.

Acer® recycle program

Acer® offers recycle program to bring your system in to the original stage. This service is offered to consumers, business people and government customers. This helps you to reuse any hardware programs. This service is provided at a minimal cost.

eRecovery CD

Acer® helps you to make eRecovery CDs. They provide necessary steps to do this job properly. You just need to follow these steps to make the eRecovery CD. This helps users to recover any data lost and bring the system back to its original state.

System repairing

You could use the Acer® online request form to find the local Acer® repair centers. When the request is completed, Acer® will send an e-mail to inform the users about the contact details of local repair centers. These centers detect and resolve any issues with your system.