Air Nunavut Customer Service Phone Number

1(833) 288-5191

Private Charter Service with Air Nunavut

Air Nunavut started its services in 1989, providing flights across the eastern arctic. Today, Air Nunavut operates regular fleet of Beechcraft King Air 200 twin-engine pressurized turboprops and provides charter service for individuals, organizations as well as government agencies.

To know more about the services of Air Nunavut and make a reservation for a private flight, call us on the Air Nunavut customer support phone number and we can help you out with all your reservation requirements.

Air Nunavut Flight Information

Air Nunavut operates charter flights and is one of the few northern operators providing charter flights between Iqaluit and Greenland, or to other locations such as Eureka and Grise Fiord. Air Nunavut gives safety the highest priority and promises complete customer satisfaction to its clientele. You can ask for a personalized flight time and share your requirements at the time of the booking. Air Nunavut is also certified in the transportation of dangerous goods.

To know more about the different flights, the facilities offered and how you manage your requirements with the Air Nunavut flight schedule, you just have to call on the Air Nunavut customer support phone number and we can help you out.

Book your Flight with Air Nunavut

Air Nunavut manages private charter flights for passengers, cargo or a combination of both. The flights run 24 hours, all through the year. Whether you need to go to one destination or need a route planned out, Air Nunavut customer support team can help you out right away. Air Nunavut gives a comfortable flight experience and promises an enjoyable and worry free trip ahead. Air Nunavut can help with customized departure times, plan your itinerary, assist with on ground transportation, hotel reservations and more.

Forget all about delayed flights, long check in queues and baggage hassle. Just call on the Air Nunavut customer support phone number and enjoy the prompt service provided by us. Our flights operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No wait time or complicated procedures. Just come and fly with us.

Important information on Air Nunavut

If you have already started falling in love with Air Nunavut, here is some information that you may find handy.

  • Country: Canada
  • Medevac and charter srevices throughout Canada’s Arctic and Greenland
  • ICAO code: BFF
  • Head office: PO Box 1239, Air Nunavut Hangar, Iqaluit Airport, Iqaluit, Nunavut, X0A 0H0, Canada
  • Phone number: +1 866 388 58 88
  • Fax number: +1 867 979 4318
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Year established: 1989
  • Main bases and hubs: Iqaluit
  • Fleet: Beechcraft King Air, Dassault Falcon

For any further information on Air Nunavut, you can call us on the Air Nunavut customer service phone number.