How to fix AOL Mail not working on Mac is a commoner issue than one might usually think. Most of the problems linked to AOL Mail on Mac systems revolve around receipt or dispatch of email messages. The outgoing and incoming mechanisms have to be suitably fixed in order to solve all these problems.

How to fix AOL Mail not working on Mac- Some quick tips

How to fix AOL Mail not working on Mac is not such a big dilemma. These are some steps that you can consider following:

  • Get AOL Mail installed on your Mac and then visit the email menu prior to choosing Preferences.
  • Thereafter, open up the account tab and then choose the AOL Mail account.
  • You should then choose Account Information and then check for any mistyping in terms of the email address. If yes, choose the drop-down arrow for your email address and select the option for editing.
  • Double tap for the full name or email address on AOL Mail and then edit all the information that has been mistyped, prior to choosing OK.
  • For editing passwords which have been mistyped, choose system preferences. Choose Internet Preferences and then AOL entries for this tab.
  • Enter the right email id and password before tapping on details.
  • If required, you can get the full name, description and password for AOL Mail changed.

Some other things to remember

You can also tap on the menu for AOL Mail and then choose Preferences, prior to tapping the accounts tab and clicking on AOL Mail. You can then tap on server settings and change this to the AOL mail server at the menu for outgoing mail. You can use the menu and choose to edit the STMP server list for verification of the settings. You can also check the list (outgoing) for AOL mail servers and find the mail entry prior to ensuring that all your settings are accurate.

You may require some additional information during the process. This is what you should make a note of:

  • IMAP server: This is
  • IMAP User Name: This refers to the screen name
  • IMAP password: This refers to the password for AOL Mail
  • IMAP Port: This is 993
  • IMAP TLS/SSL: This has to be set to Required
  • SMTP server address:
  • SMTP user name: This is the screen name for AOL Mail
  • SMTP password: This is the password for AOL Mail
  • SMTP port: 587
  • SMTP TLS/SSL: Needed

Following the above mentioned steps will help you fix this problem with aplomb.