How do I fix 504 error in my AOL mail account is a common query to have. AOL Mail is a popularly used email solution offered by a Verizon Communications division and this web application comes in 54 unique languages.

The 504 error is caused due to several reasons, including the following:

  • The issue or error in the PC of the user or device may lead to this AOL Mail┬ánot working.
  • Network problems may occur as a key reason behind this 504 error.
  • There may be email server problems leading to error 504.
  • This error often happens owing to a malfunctioning email solution/service.
  • Proxy settings issues may also lead to such AOL Mail errors.
  • Issues with the central/actual server may also lead to these problems.
  • In some zones, signals of internet connectivity may not be suitable, leading to a 504 gateway timeout error.
  • DNS problems may also lead to such errors or in rare situations, ISP problems may lead to such messages cropping up.
  • Keeping the AOL Mail account inactive or unused for close to 90 days may lead to deactivation and hence emails may be undelivered, thereby returning to their respective senders, causing the 504 error.

How do I fix 504 error in my AOL mail account- Crucial tips worth knowing

How do I fix 504 error in my AOL mail account is one problem that you can solve by following these steps:

  • Whenever these errors crop up on the device which is being used, you should get the device restarted for solving the same.
  • Attempt closing and reopening web pages since in some scenarios, retrying or reopening may help in fixing such errors.
  • Get the present web page refreshed through the F5 button or by selecting the option for refreshing the browser.
  • Watch out for such problems linked to the proxy settings if they are present in the device.
  • Get the web browser uninstalled or reinstalled or attempt to use different browsers for solving the issue.
  • Another internet service provider may also be used if that is possible.
  • You can also try other devices.

These steps should go a long way towards helping you fix the error without any hassles.