If you were wondering how to attach file and image in an AOL Mail Account, then you should know that the free account will enable attaching various file types for emails that are being sent. The limit in terms of the size is around 25 MB although smaller files can also be attached to emails without any hassles whatsoever.

attach file and image in an AOL Mail Account

Now, before you find out how to attach file and image in an AOL Mail Account, you should also keep in mind that when you are within the email editor, you should seek the icon which resembles a paperclip of sorts and this is present in the menu on top. When you move the mouse over the same, you will find that this is the specific button that should be clicked. This will enable you to choose the Choose files to attach option.

How to attach file and image in an AOL Mail Account- Handy tips

After following the steps mentioned above, you will find a file browser opening on your PC. Here onwards, you will have to find the folder where you have this particular file saved, i.e. My Documents or even Desktop. Once the file is found, you have to click on the same and then choose Open in the file explorer display option. There will be a small blue box that comes right over the email body and this will have the attachment size and file name alike.

The file can be easily attached during the process of writing emails. Some users usually keep this for the last while other users may want to attach files prior to writing their emails in order to keep forgetfulness at bay. Whenever you have your email message written and ready to go and all attachments are also in order, just send the email seamlessly by hitting SEND which is the large-sized button in blue.

Sending picture files via AOL Mail

There are two choices that you have when it comes to attaching picture files or images to your AOL account emails. You can simply follow the steps mentioned above and select your preferred image file from its folder on the PC’s file explorer. This will work for almost all image files if the size of the attachment stays within 25 MB. In case the image is attached as a regular attachment, it will be sent likewise to the recipient who will have to download or preview the same to view the picture.

You can also get an in-line image file added to your email. Simply go to the icon that resembles a painting and is situated to the right side of the icon that looks like a paperclip. This is the suitable button for inserting pictures into the email. Click this particular icon and then choose the image that you wish to insert into your email. Select the file from its particular folder in the explorer window and then click on Open. This will help in inserting your chosen image into your email. This can be clicked and shifted elsewhere within the email as well. An X option and gear-esque icon will come up when the cursor goes over this image. The gear represents Options or Settings and will enable changing picture alignment, sizes and text wrapping. The X button will help in getting images removed from your email messages. Thereafter, once you have finished adding and aligning your image, choose SEND for getting the email delivered to its intended recipient.