AOL Account :

How to Create an AOL Mail AccountAOL Mail is one of the most user-friendly and safe platforms for communication, serving millions of people across the globe. Besides all the standard features, including world-class spam protection, speed and reliability, as well as a mobile mailbox, create an AOL mail account offers a host of additional benefits such as unlimited customer support. You can take your pick from millions of user names and a very approachable and lucid design.

Create an AOL Mail Account :

To create an AOL mail account, simply visit the AOL website, where you will find a link. The link will allow you to access an existing email account or create a new account. Just enter your name, mobile number and birthday to get started. Make sure you choose the name of the email account itself. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to creating an AOL email address, it is advisable to choose one that reflects your business name, as your email id will come up in the contacts of clients as well as business contacts. It might so happen that the name you choose is unavailable in which case, you have to pick up a name that is as similar as possible to the name of your choice.

Thereafter AOL will send a message to your cell help desk as a verification of the fact that you are the owner of the account, before proceeding further with the signup process. Once you are done, you can start using your account to send and receive messages to clients and business contacts. There are several advantages of using an AOL mail account, the primary one being there is no monthly fee involved. AOL also offers an app where you can enjoy direct access to your email through a cell phone or tablet.

You can also use a third party app to obtain a copy of your messages and to send and receive messages as well.

Besides AOL promises the facility of creating multiple usernames under one account, which is extremely useful when it comes to keeping your client email separate from the one you use for business purposes with your suppliers and other contacts. As far as storage is concerned, AOL provides relatively unlimited storage for your messages. Your account will be accompanied by spam blocking options to keep unwanted messages at bay, along with security services which prevent potentially harmful email attachments and messages from affecting your computer adversely. Also, through this free service, you will be able to create an online address book for your important contacts.