Solution of AOL Server not Responding :

AOL server not respondingThe AOL mail account often faces dysfunctional issues, thanks to heavy outgoing and incoming emails. This is responsible for showing up the error message- the mail server IMAP AOL is not responding. The most effective solution for this issue generally, is to uninstall and reinstall the account, since reinstalling also means the settings are auto-corrected. The steps given below are easy to execute and will allow you to resume your work in an undisrupted way AOL server not responding is mainly a technical glitch, which can happen due to faulty Internet connection, massive incoming and outgoing emails, technical obstacles with the email server, wrong AOL password, and so on.

Follow the steps below if you mail IMAP is taking too long to respond:

  1. Open settings- unlock your phone, choose the menu option and then press the settings icon
  2. Select Accounts and Password option: once the setting icon opens, scroll down and click on the Accounts and Password option.
  3. Open the email account- once the accounts and password options open, you will see a list of mail accounts which you use. Click on the non-responding email id.
  4. Delete- after clicking on the mail ID, use the red button to delete the account.
  5. Go back to the main menu- after deleting the account, press the back button to go to the main menu. Allow the phone to rest for a while to synchronize the new setting.
  6. Click on Settings- after some time, click on the ‘Settings’ option again in the menu list.
  7. Click on Accounts and Password- open the setting options, scroll down and click the Accounts and Password icon.
  8. Add account- after entering the Accounts and Password section, click on the Add Account option.
  9. Select from the list of email providers- the Add Account option will reveal to you a list of email ID providers like Gmail, Ymail, AOL, etc. Select the AOL account which is having issues.

Sign in- once you select the desired email provider, they will ask your user-name and password. Enter the necessary details, and your problem will be solved. Fix AOL Server not Responding your problem