How to fix the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) error code 420 is something that is more of a common query for several users. This error crops up whenever there is any crash or failure as far as AIM or AOL Instant Messenger is concerned, while the application is running. This error may arise on your computer screen in the form of a notification and you can fix it quite smoothly indeed.

If you are thinking about how to fix the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) error code 420, then you are not alone. In most cases, such runtime issues happen without any prior warning. The error messages may start showing anytime when you are running AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). This could indicate any appearance of newer files or even cases where files have already been deleted.

How to fix the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) error code 420- Troubleshooting Tips

Tip 1- Close all programs which may have a conflict with the running application. Open your Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and stop all programs in the Processes tab via highlighting each one and clicking on End Process. Carefully notice whether the error message keeps coming every time a process is stopped. Once the program is identified, you can get this particular application uninstalled and then reinstalled.

Tip 2- Get conflicting applications updated/reinstalled at the earliest. Click Control Panel and uninstall programs for Windows 7. For Windows 8, go to More Settings after clicking the Start button and then go to Control Panel and uninstall programs. For Windows 10, you can find Control Panel in the search box and then uninstall programs accordingly. Once you are within Programs and Features, find the program causing an issue and either update or uninstall it (followed by re-downloading and reinstallation as well).

Tip 3- Get your program for virus protection updated without further ado or get the latest update from Windows downloaded and updated. Get a scan done for your PC after the virus application is updated. You can also run the update for Windows for fixing the problem.

Tip 4- Runtime Libraries may be reinstalled for solving this particular problem. The error often happens due to the improper or incorrect installation of updates like the MS Visual C++ pack or likewise. You have to get the present pack uninstalled prior to getting a fresh version installed.

Tip 5- These errors may also take place owing to negligible available space on your PC. Disk Cleanup is a great option in this scenario. You may also consider cleaning up the cache and then rebooting the PC. Back up all files prior to freeing up hard disk space.

Tip 6- You can also think of getting your graphics driver reinstalled, in order to solve the issue. Find the driver in Device Manager and then right-click on the driver for uninstalling the same, prior to getting the PC restarted.

Tip 7- Checking for IE (Internet Explorer) linked runtime errors is always a good move. You can choose Internet Options from Control Panel and then choose Advanced for choosing the Reset option. You may also consider Disable Script Debugging on the Internet Options-Advanced pathway. Tick the check mark for the radio button in this case. Also uncheck the option Display a Notification about every Script Error and then choose Apply-OK prior to rebooting the PC.