Installing Video Drivers in ASUSĀ® Essentio ES5120

What are the things to keep in mind while installing video drivers in Essentio ES5120?

ASUS Essentio ES5120 system provides good performance. It comes with Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Total storage capacity is provided by 4 GB DDR2 RAM and 160 GB Serial ATA hard disk. It is available with Microsoft Windows Vista Operating system. In order to get the ability to perform graphics functions, it has integrated graphics card. Video card is used to get the video signals in your Essentio ES5120 system. For the working of video card, you need to install the driver software for your video card. Sometimes video card driver software would be pre-installed on your system. Therefore, there is no need to install video driver separately. You could have many methods to install driver software for your video card. By installing the updates for your video driver, you could get more advanced features.

Some guidelines to install video drivers in ASUS Essentio ES5120 and things to keep in mind while doing so are:

  • Download from Internet
  • Use proper source
  • Install Antivirus software

Download from Internet

For all devices, the driver software is available in Internet. You could easily download the driver software from the Internet by specifying the name of the video card correctly. After the downloading process, you could get the option for the driver installation. By following the instruction in the installation wizard, you could install driver software for your video card easily and quickly.

Use proper source

You could use either installation CD or Internet as source for the video driver installation. Before buying the installation CD or downloading the driver software from the Internet, you must check whether it is correct site or the CD is valid or not. Otherwise, it would affect the whole system performance. Before the installation, you need to check the diver compatibility in order to prevent the compatibility issues.

Install Antivirus software

If you are using Internet for downloading the driver software, there might be chances of virus infection on your system. Virus software would alter all process in your system. So in order to prevent the virus attacks you need to install Antivirus software. Antivirus software can prevent the virus attacks.