Memory Upgrade in ASUSĀ® Essentio ES5120

Get to know more about memory upgrade in ASUS Essentio ES5120

ASUS Essentio ES5120 is powered with the Intel Core processor. The maximum capacity of memory in this system is 4GB. Hard disk in ASUS Essentio ES5120 offers 160GB capacity. Windows vista is the operating system in this system. The memory upgradation is a common task today. The users who would like to improve the system capacity or if they want more space to store their details, then this memory upgradation will be helpful. The system contains a small amount of memory; you could upgrade that capability to a maximum level. You could calculate the maximum capacity with the help of the Device Manager. If the ASUS Essentio ES5120 starts to show any sort of slowness, then the cause would be low memory capacity in the system. Due to this ASUS Essentio ES5120 will shut down unexpectedly and some of the files will be lost. If ASUS Essentio ES5120 system lacks enough space in the physical memory, then the usage of the temporary memory will be increased and thus the system will slow down. The processor has to wait long time for accessing the data from the physical memory. The improved memory could help you to decrease the use of the temporary memory.

The following explains more about memory upgrade in ASUS Essentio ES5120:

  • System Optimization
  • Multitasking is Better
  • Competent Video Editing

System Optimization

Optimization is the process of improving the system performance through various methods. Memory upgradation is one of the most effective tasks in the optimization of the system. Through memory upgradation, the user could improve the system performance by adding more software to the system. This additional software will help you to improve the productivity of the system.

Multitasking is Better

Do multitasking in ASUS Essentio ES5120 if it slows down. This happens due to insufficient memory. That means the upgradation of memory could make the multitasking more easy. Memory upgrade is necessary for smooth, effortless multitasking. It gives your ASUS Essentio ES5120 an extra boost up so it doesn’t have to use the hard drive to handle data.

Competent Video Editing

If you could not edit the videos in the system, then you need more capacity in the memory. The video files are very large and the system needs comparatively more memory to store these video files. You need a fast processor and better RAM to help you to do the video editing more easily.