Overheating Problem in ASUS® V3-M3A3200

Is your ASUS V3-M3A3200 overheating? Find out how to solve the issue.

Computers generate heat when they are in use. The heat generated by a system is because of the internal working components and in normal circumstances the heat generated by the system is quickly dissipated to the surroundings. Overheating is a situation where the heat produced by the system stays within and causes the system to be working at very high temperatures. Overheating drastically reduces the life of the internal components and hence the life of the system. The ASUS V3-M3A3200 is equipped with cooling fans and air vents to keep the system working temperature always down to optimum levels. But the overheating issue can come in ASUS V3-M3A3200 too. There are many reasons as to why the ASUS V3-M3A3200 is overheating and some of them include clogging of air vents, malfunction of cooling fans, issues with the software regulating the working of the cooling fans etc.

Following details mentioned below will give users more information regarding tips to prevent and solve overheating issues with ASUS V3-M3A3200:

  • Correct system positioning
  • Clean air vents
  • Configure power settings

Correct system positioning

Incorrect positioning of the system can cause overheating. Your ASUS V3-M3A3200 must be always placed such that the cooling fan air intake or air vents are not blocked by walls or any other similar objects around the system. If the air vents get blocked by such foreign objects the circulation of air would be affected which in turn cause overheating. This problem can be avoided by placing the system properly. Special care must be also taken to ensure that the system is not near any other heat generating sources.

Clean air vents

The air vents on ASUS V3-M3A3200 are designed to circulate cool air in and around the system so that working temperature of the internal components is reduced. These air vents are small and over time, they can get clogged with dust or other particles. ASUS V3-M3A3200 users facing the overheating problem are recommended to clean the air vents to allow better air circulation to solve the problem. Cleaning the air vents once in a week will help avoid this issue.

Configure power settings

Even if your ASUS V3-M3A3200 is idle, all of the internal components such as hard disks and processors will be working and generating heat. Power settings on your ASUS V3-M3A3200 can be configured such that internal components power down after a few minutes of system being in idle stage. This helps to avoid excessive heat generation and also help to increase the life of the system.